Wind Training & Confidence Testimonials

I soloed the first day back home without a problem. When I went out to fly the next day there were several members at the field, but none had unpacked their airplanes because of 15-20 mph winds. They were amazed that I would even attempt to fly. As they watched and waited for me to crash, I just kept remembering what you taught, and finished my flight with a pretty good landing. I couldn't be more pleased with what I go out of the school.

Dan Sprung. Bergen, NY

I would once again like to thank you for the instruction. I learned a lot and had a blast. I've got 30 flights in to date with no repairs. Money well spent! I am missing the Wisconsin winds! Flew one day in approx. 20 MPH crosswinds since I've been back. A scant breeze after the course. I will highly recommend your school to any student.

Kevin Klaus. Hardin, IL

After your course on my second flight, it was very windy. The best flyers had stopped flying and there I was with my Goldberg. When I brought it back down, under control, only a few feet in from me, you could tell their amazement. I walked away from the field with a great feeling of satisfaction that I am on my way to mastering this art of flying, and will be able to share it with my boys, and I will be able to teach them correctly.

Dan Reardan. Washington, DC

Yesterday was my best flying day ever. I got to the field and it was pretty windy. 15+mph and gusty. The few guys there were packing up to leave. I flew my Avistar, and flew, and flew some more. Taking off, and landing from both directions as the wind changed. Remembering to “Fly the plane” the way Dave taught me all my landings were good despite shifting crosswinds. Doing lots of touch and go’s, and using more fuel than I ever have. What a blast. A few guys showed up later in the day and because the wind was a little stronger by then they were reluctant to fly. It was so much fun to fly in that wind. Calm is almost boring to me now.  I also flew my electric Wildcat. That was also a blast. When I left the field I was pretty excited. It just keeps getting better!

Mike Rudney

I went flying today for the first time since taking your course and it went very well. I had 15 to 20 mph 90 degrees of cross winds to the runway. It was a bit tough but I handled it well. I wasn't near as nervous as I was before I took your course. I did 6 landings and my plane is in good shape. Took it home in one piece. Been awhile since I did that. HA HA. It seems so easy when I fly like you taught me. I'm having a ball now.

Gerald Jefferies. Robertsdale, AL

First, I have to say last week was phenomenal!  After not having a transmitter in my hands for over 12 years, I was amazed at how well I did, but that was all you.  Since returning home I no longer get nervous when I fly, I've been excited about the experience you provided.  Thanks again for the awesome class, especially the crosswind flying and landings!

Michael Lowe

Five good flights right after school, 4 nice landings.  Two very good flights with strong cross winds  My "Bubba" commented I have obviously been practicing, but that was doing good lines and flying well on center of runway.  I walked away with a 'one'piece' plane and proud of my achievements. Flew last week with strong west wind with gusts to 25-30.  Haven't broken a prop yet.  Happy trails in the sky.

Eric Frantz. Niagara. WI

I was asked to do a memorial RC air show for a fellow pilot who recently passed away. In spite of strong, turbulent and gusty, 90 degree cross winds, I was able to put together a nice crisp sequence thanks to your teaching and coaching over the last several years.

Noel Proctor.  Los Angeles, CA

I had a great time and learned a ton of new things during the solo course.  The class has helped my flying immensely. I don't hesitate to fly in the wind after flying in 15 and 20+ winds during the course. I used to only fly in calm conditions, so I'm progressing. Thank you for doing what you do- I learned more in one week than I had in the previous 20+ years of RC!

Bob O'Connor

Even though it has been a little windy my takeoffs and landings have been much better than they used to be following your directions in the book.  I set out a plan for each flight and I am finding a greater sense of accomplishment (much like the first solo - YES I CAN DO THIS!!!!) when I complete them.

Dave Coutie

I went to the field today with my Midwest Aerobat. Winds were 25-mph with gusts to 40-mph according to the weather report. Our best pilot said it was "too windy to fly" and went home soon after he arrived at the field. I made five flights and greased the last two landings. The first three landings into the strong headwind were just short of the runway. I kept hearing you tell me over and over again, "you can't judge when to idle the engine when you are near the far end of the runway". When I finally listened to you and cut the throttle over the runway in front of me I greased the last two flights of the day. The good news is I took home an intact airplane. One week ago I wouldn't have thought it possible for me to fly in that wind! Great course! ! The best investment in time and money I've made in a very, very long time. Thanks for your patience teaching a 74-yr old to fly the right way. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent with you last week.

Don Sass. Parker, CO

It has been two months since I spent the wonderful week at your school. I arrived at the field and the flags were almost horizontal. I went for it anyway. My takeoffs were perfect and my landings were something to behold. It was like the day we flew in your class with the flag standing straight and all three of us followed your instructions and took off and landed with confidence. Thanks to your classes, I now have confidence in my flying ability, and in being able to fly in winds that make the field undesirable for others.

Jim Kropelin. Lewiston, NY

We typically have a 10 – 15 MPH crosswind from SW and I have been working on the cross wind techniques we worked on in class, with good results.  My flying has improved greatly, and continues to improve, thanks to the jump start your program provided.  Thanks for the shot in the arm.

Carl Thuesen.  Billings, MT

I flew yesterday, but on take off a line of squalls came through creating turbulence. The plane performed all sorts of gyrations on its own at low altitude. Heard David's voice, neutralize and level wings! IT WORKS! Completed circuit and arrived safely. Thanks David, your system really works. I learned so much and continue to learn as I reread the manual which reinforces what you taught us.

Thomas Harris. Ajax, ONT

I flew in winds the other day that scared a few of the old club boys right back into their cars. Two who flew crashed, and the new guy (me) flew without incident three times. Those windy class days were great for us.

John McCallum. Chicago, IL

What a great week it was for me. The lessons that you imparted are invaluable. I thought that flying in 30 mph winds was a highlight, until Friday when we greased nearly every landing. Friday definitely drove home your message about the importance of compartmentalizing my flights.

Mike Rudney. Philadelphia, PA

Your training methods have stayed with me. I still laugh when I see all the complicated garbage out there about landing in a crosswind, etc..

Glenn Dye. Saukville, WI

Many thanks for a terrific class! It provided me with much more confidence in flying low, slow, level approaches to landings.  The high winds also gave excellent practice flying precision flight patterns.  I am putting a check in the mail today for next years aerobatic class.

John Skillicorn.  Mora, MN

7/18. I am pleased to announce that after flight school I went to the field and flew four solo flights. The club instructors were amazed as to how I could do such landings. I confessed and let them in on our secret of the approach. I showed them the coupling that you use, and whilst a steady wind was across the field the plane flew with little deviation and the turns were smooth. The club "diehards" were still not convinced until later that day when we ended up with about 20 mph winds and I took off and landed with no difficulty. They were amazed as this would have been deemed a "no-trainer day". I know it would have taken me years of club instruction to have advanced to where I am. Your school is invaluable for struggling pilots-to-be, like myself, whose time is very important and solo flight is the ultimate goal.

7/20. Went out again yesterday and had a great day at the field. I now have 2 other novices using the same system and they improved immediately. They were over correcting the controls and with coupling now are able to see that holding in the stick is not the way to do it.

Tony Graham. Jasper, AL

Dave, you gave 150% and you did get through to us. I have had 9 flights. Winds both days, 15 - 20 mph. Gusty. Last flight, engine quit, landed Ok. Miracle! Maybe we'll be ready for aerobatics next year.

John Wall. "Gust Busters"

We had the opportunity to learn how to manage the airplane in strong crosswinds, quickly learning the line “what wind?”. At that point, you had a very satisfied student.

Bob Kohler. Cedarburg, WI

I just wanted to thank you for a superb 4 days in the Precision Aerobatics class, and for once again exceeding my expectations in R/C flying. With your tenants as our basics, I was amazed at how quickly Jim and I learned to use the rudder control! It was simply a matter of 'trusting your control inputs' and not getting behind the airplane and reacting to it. Thanks again for a great, repeatable learning methodology that has taken me light years ahead of my local Club R/C colleagues!

Jeff Wallach. Dallas, TX

I just finished 3rd in my second contest since taking the course.  The last round was judged by a couple unlimited Nats winners who gave me some really great compliments, such as, this guy really knows how to use the rudder the right way!  Way too much yawing going on, but not by me though thanks to your training!  
They also commented on the flight school shirt I had on and told me to make sure I fly "Rythmically crisp"!
Scott Paschen. Michigan Signal Seekers

I cannot express how much you've helped me gain confidence. That first day when you had me fly in 20 mph winds, I would not have believed it unless I had tried it myself! Your training has helped me to be better prepared to fly successfully on my home field.

Michael Anthony. Naperville, IL

After a great week in Shawano, I flew six solo flights---no problems. It was extremely windy when I was finally able to get our chief flying instructor to the field. However, having high winds all week at your school proved to be advantageous as I achieved a total score of 87 out of a possible 100 and therefore received my wings.

Neil Robertson. Peterborough, ONT

I had told my mentor here that I was probably going to fly my plane this week. He offered to come out with me but I felt that I had to do it by myself. If he had taken it off and trimmed it out and then handed me the transmitter I would have missed the experience of making a successful maiden flight with an out of trim airplane. I couldn't have done this without the training you provided. I certainly wouldn't have even tried with a crosswind if I had not flown all week at the school in crosswinds.

Joe Thompson. Palm City, FL

I just got back from my first contest. I flew the Sportsman Routine in 15-25MPH winds. Without practicing since training with you, I placed second and had a blast. Can't wait to start practicing.

Todd Siegel. Freehold, NJ

I flew my Cap this last Saturday at our local airport and blew their minds. I started out with my vertical lines, then 1/2 reverse cubans, and a cuban 8 at center. Then a avalanche when I returned to show center. The winds were about 15 MPH blowing in at me. I did get a round of applause from the guys who were grounded due to the wind. Well that's my flight report one week after school.

James Boyden. Northwood, IA

I'm now flying in much stronger winds than before the course, in order to practice serious rudder corrections. Right now, I actually look forward to windy days more than quiet ones. As a result I went out with another electric I have in approx. 20plus knot winds. I was having so much fun I tore the servos out of the wings! Got to love this hobby.

Bela Ballo. Gates Mills, OH

The day I got back from the Basic aerobatic class one of the really good Pattern guys asked me to show him what I could do in the way of a sequence. I flew three sequences as best I could in a 15 MPH crosswind. Kind of blew him away. He said....'OK Wallach, WHERE did you learn to fly like that? That is something I almost never see in this Club!'. I told him my heritage with the DAS system, and he just smiled and said......good, we have another Pattern guy in training!

Jeff Wallach. Dallas, TX