Landing / Takeoff Testimonials

I really enjoyed the class and I feel that I have learned a great deal. Every time I am reading your books I discover something that I wish someone had told me 10 years ago. My flying would have been a great deal better with just a couple of these hints.  It's kind of embarrassing to ask for help on landings when you have been flying for 10 years. At least now I have a plan and an objective. It's hard to believe how important that is. I have had it with learning the hard way".  Partially, because the hard way is Hard and often the Wrong way. I can't thank you enough.

Joe Woodard.  Tucson, AZ

My goal in attending the Flight School was to be able to Take off - fly comfortably and land the airplane in one place. The objective was achieved during the five day course. I would highly recommend the Flight School to anyone who wanted to learn to fly in a very short period of time without crashing a number of planes.

William Reynolds. Alpena, MI

Dave Scott is a SUPERB teacher, with "nerves of steel" and a quiet, relaxed manner that leads to early confidence in flying. Prior to each flight Dave would explain exactly what we were going to accomplish and why. After each flight Dave critiqued it (always most politely) at which time he explained what happened and why. The student's only concern is to learn, and have fun while learning. The tuition is far too low for the results obtained-approximately 30 solo "takeoffs" and "landings" each, by myself and my son before the week was over!!! After 5 days in class, I have completely revised the approach I will take with respect to the equipment and the type of aircraft I will build. Even if you exclude stick-time, the school was cost effective.

Tony Fassi. Palm Beach, FL

I soloed the first day back home without a problem. When I went out to fly the next day there were several members at the field, but none had unpacked their airplanes because of 15-20 mph winds. They were 
amazed that I would even attempt to fly. As they watched and waited for me to crash, I just kept remembering what you taught, and finished my flight with a pretty good landing. I couldn't be more pleased with what I go out of the school.

Dan Sprung. Bergen, NY

Your basic course has totally changed my future in this hobby.  It took almost two seasons for me to solo at the local field.  I was extremely tense when attempting to fly and it was very rare that I returned home from a day at the field without damaging my plane through repeated crashes. What a difference after attending your basic course; I’m now relaxed and having FUN. All the subsequent flights to date have been uneventful. The flying has been great and all of my landings have “floated” in, straight down the center of the runway! Some of the flights were even easy, it’s WONDERFUL.

Mark Bennett. Indianapolis, IN

It's official Dave. It all came together to allow me to Solo. What a rush! I even landed the plane on the runway in front of an audience of 3 other club members. The combination of concentrated training, emphasis on fundamentals, and your infinite patience has enabled me to be successful. Thanks.

Archie Paez. Jacksonville, FL

Five good flights right after school, 4 nice landings.  Two very good flights with strong cross winds  My "Bubba" commented I have obviously been practicing, but that was doing good lines and flying well on center of runway.  I walked away with a 'one'piece' plane and proud of my achievements. Flew last week with strong west wind with gusts to 25-30.  Haven't broken a prop yet.  Happy trails in the sky.

Eric Frantz

Here’s my story of my post flight school experiences so far. I taxied out, took off, trimmed the plane and flew the pattern, making level turn after level turn.  After several minutes, lowered the pattern, setup for landing keying over the target I had picked earlier.  Lined up off the final turn for a straight in glide down the centerline and absolutely greased the landing.  Got a good bit of applause there and several good jobs, etc.

Andrew Wolf

It has been two months since I spent the wonderful week at your school. I arrived at the field and the flags were almost horizontal. I went for it anyway. My takeoffs were perfect and my landings were something to behold. It was like the day we flew in your class with the flag standing straight and all three of us followed your instructions and took off and landed with confidence. Thanks to your classes, I now have confidence in my flying ability, and in being able to fly in winds that make the field undesirable for others.

Jim Kropelin. Lewiston, NY

I’ve started doing what you described in your excellent article and have found that my air speed is more appropriate and my height off of the ground is where it should be and my turn into final is more gradual and controlled.  This has really, really improved my landings, and the consistency of good landings.

Dan Reardon. Washington, DC

I really enjoyed the class and have my Cherokee balanced (CG), trimmed out for aerobatics and landing per your instructions. I went to the field to establish marks for lines, got some turns with just elevator, a few loops and Cubans and am feeling good. My landings are much more consistent and am doing better patterns.

Walle Ralkowski

I just wanted to thank you for the great week. I certainly learned a lot and reinforced some of the fledgling skills I had been working on. I think your approach is excellent and produces good results. I know I have a way to go but it was a great confidence builder to be able to take off, establish a pattern and land with no problems. I think I've already got a few people interested in the class. I look forward to coming back for the aerobatics class.

Chris Leyden. Fort Wayne, IN

I really appreciated the opportunity to attend your class. We finished your class on a Friday, and the following Monday I was at the field FLYING!!!!! No help, just preflight, takeoff, fly in comfortable view, and beautiful landings!!!!! You are the best!!!!! One of the old hands at my field came over to say that I was flying beautifully!!!! Last week I took out my MidStar 40 and flew it flawlessly. Your calm demeanor, tremendous knowledge, and proven system, coupled with your great dedication and personality made flying easy and fun! I can't wait to come and see you next year, my skills have already improved exponentially, thanks to you!!!

Don Fletcher. Louisville, KY

My flying continues to go very well. My landings are crisp or as some say "greased.' The takeoffs are steady and flights themselves steady and organized. All the result of your training at the Primary school. I am considering the Acrobatic school next year to improve my flying experience.

Jim Klass. Lewiston, NY

The steps in your book One Week to Solo really helped my turns, especially page A1.  The 1, 2, 3 and 4, 5, 6 finally gave me something solid to go by, and that's when I started to make progress.  Before that I landed in the hay field behind the pit area, in the corn filed at the end of the runway and in a tree (twice, same tree) across from the pit area and in the lake at the other end of the field.  Now I land on the runway all the time, without your book I might have quit.

Paul Zimmer. New Richmond, WI

Despite not flying since the course (3 months) until this past weekend, my training from the beginner course with Dave did not wear off. My takeoffs, landings and patterns were precise and I got several comments from my flying buddies that could not believe how much my flying had improved. Of course, they did wonder why I spent 5 minutes after arriving at the field sighting in landmarks at my local field before flying. Ha, ha!  Dave's system rocks!

Ray Gaskins

Today was the day.  Armed with the DAS method I made 3 great take off and landings.  The 2nd was a perfect dead it was great stopping me now!!!  I am going to suggest that all new members get a copy of your book!

Pete Wilcom. Westfield, IL

First thing I did back home was fire up the Mustang and landed her three times in a row following the instructions you gave me. I couldn’t land this thing at all prior to the course.  I know now that the landings are a result of a good approach and a level turn, over the target to final, so a good landing is all but a foregone conclusion.

Dan and Diane Gross

What a great week it was for me. The lessons that you imparted are invaluable. I thought that flying in 30 mph winds was a highlight, until Friday when we greased nearly every landing. Friday definitely drove home your message about the importance of compartmentalizing my flights.

Mike Rudney. Philadelphia, PA

I had five flights with good landings my first time out after the School. Told myself, small bumps and do not hold in the aileron. Have been flying nice patterns, have been flying mainly right turns due to the wind directions. One fellow yesterday wanted to know how long I have been flying. I told him a week and he was kind of shocked at the ease of my flying. I told him I attended your school and he was impressed. I was a little afraid that I would forget everything, but Dave, it was automatic for me, very little thinking just action (not 
reaction). I am so excited to fly, each flight was a little better, smoother and automatic. Pencil me in for some aerobatics.

Michael Pad. Bloomfield, MI

Your training methods have stayed with me. I still laugh when I see all the complicated garbage out there about landing in a crosswind, etc..

Glenn Dye. Saukville, WI

7/18. I am pleased to announce that after flight school I went to the field and flew four solo flights. The club instructors were amazed as to how I could do such landings. I confessed and let them in on our secret of the approach. I showed them the coupling that you use, and whilst a steady wind was across the field the plane flew with little deviation and the turns were smooth. The club "diehards" were still not convinced until later that day when we ended up with about 20 mph winds and I took off and landed with no difficulty. They were 
amazed as this would have been deemed a "no-trainer day". I know it would have taken me years of club instruction to have advanced to where I am. Your school is invaluable for struggling pilots-to-be, like myself, whose time is very important and solo flight is the ultimate goal.

7/20. Went out again yesterday and had a great day at the field. I now have 2 other novices using the same system and they improved immediately. They were over correcting the controls and with coupling now are able to see that holding in the stick is not the way to do it.

Tony Graham. Jasper, AL

The club examiner wanted me to do 3 take-offs and landings to receive my wings.....I did more than 20! Thanks for the great week in Wisconsin and for the skills and confidence to solo! I'm looking forward to the aerobatics class next summer!

Ron Capstack. Harrisonburg, VA

I flew all day Friday after the course and greased 9 out of 11 landings. Saturday I flew with an old friend who was amazed at my improvement and overall confidence. I showed him a few things that you taught me and he improved immediately.

Jeff Wallach. Dallas, TX

I want to thank you for your thorough instruction. I got two flights in after the course and both were nearly flawless with perfect landings. A voice in my head kept saying "could it be this easy?"

John O'keefe. Springfield, IL

What a difference a little flight instruction makes!! Even my landings were better!! It is such a pleasure to fly the various maneuvers with competence. The school decals are going on my planes ASAP.

Marvin Jones. Prescot, AZ

I went up for the first time since taking the class. I am happy to report that I landed the Dirty Birdi for the first time, and I have been trying forever to land this thing. Yesterday, I landed it like it was nobody's business. I will get back to you about taking the advanced class.

Louis Holt. St. Louis, MO

I've nearly memorized all your articles and my landings are now much improved since I started applying your techniques. Thank you.

Joe Porhammer.