Instructor knowledge / Expertise / Easy to understand instructions

I appreciate a pilot and instructor of your caliber taking the time to comment on my training articles.  Your school certainly sets the bar when it comes to RC flight training. I would have loved to develop a business like the one that you’ve put together. Great job and best of luck going forward!

Scott Stoops.  Fly RC Columnist

I think you should stop calling yourself an instructor and begin calling yourself a teacher, coach, and inspirator. The way you have structured your course, from simple to complex, is educationally sound and it 
works. Your teaching and coaching ability is however, the thing that brings it all together. Your explanations before the flights and during the flights eliminated the usual disorientation and lack of control. If anyone had told me that a person who had never flown R/C could solo in just 4 days, I simply would not have believed it - I do now!

Faye Stilley. Wilton, CT

I have never met a more capable instructor in any discipline. Dave knows his stuff backwards and forward. Dave is also a man of infinite patience. Infinite. There were times when I just knew he’d lose it and start yelling, but nothing more than a calm, soft voice. The voice of reason.

Dave Healy. Medford, OR

The course totally exceeded my expectations, and I had high expectations. I now have the confidence that I am totally in control of my plane. The DAS system just can't be that simple, and yet it is!!! Please feel free to have anyone who wants confirmation of your courses worth to email me. I will tell them that it is the best $ I have ever spent in the hobby.

Steve Storman. Harrington Park, NJ

Dave is an individual who by immersing himself in both RC and Full Scale Aerobatics for decades maintained a disciplined ever inquisitive attitude accepting only what he was able to prove through personal trial and testing. He also began teaching aerobatics developing a unique teaching style which allows amazing results in minimal time no matter what ones level of expertise.

Ray H.  Erie, PA

Dave Scott is a SUPERB teacher, with "nerves of steel" and a quiet, relaxed manner that leads to early confidence in flying. Prior to each flight Dave would explain exactly what we were going to accomplish and why. After each flight Dave critiqued it (always most politely) at which time he explained what happened and why. The student's only concern is to learn, and have fun while learning. The tuition is far too low for the results obtained-approximately 30 solo "takeoffs" and "landings" each, by myself and my son before the week was over!!! After 5 days in class, I have completely revised the approach I will take with respect to the equipment and the type of aircraft I will build. Even if you exclude stick-time, the school was cost effective.

Tony Fassi. Palm Beach, FL

I want to thank you so much for the week my son, Nate, and I experienced with you.  Of all the education courses I have taken over my life, yours was the very best.  I cannot remember having a more organized and influential instructor.  This last Sunday morning, Nate and I snuck down to our family airstrip we made and each of us made five successful flights.  I even made an inside loop which drew an excited “WOW” from my wife, right and left hand turns and kept both fingers on the stick.  I can proudly report my aircraft is in one piece.

Frank George. Eagle Creek, OR

Having been a full-scale instructor for over 25 years I can truthfully say your method of RC instruction is superb and effective. You have an inborn talent that makes you a unique person. I look forward to attending your advanced classes but I must first perfect the basics that you so beautifully illustrated during the week. I believe your class should be mandatory for anyone wishing to excel.

Romeo Bachand. Mundelein, IL

Dave Scott, a 1st rate instructor who made all of his commands in a clear level voice which were easy to understand. I have more confidence now and I feel I really got my money's worth.

Bob Harris. Ontario, CAN

I want to tell you that I enjoyed your "Solo Class" very much and your approach to the subject is excellent. All the things you said about flying after the course are right on target. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to learn from a "REAL PRO". I have flown approx. 20 flights since the school and I'm way ahead because of you and 1st U.S R/C Flight School. I would like to return in June for the next level of instruction.

Dennis Eckstein. NY, NY

Attending Dave's aerobatic class was the best money I have spent since taking up the RC hobby a couple years ago. Words cannot describe Dave's passion and enthusiasm. His teaching methods work, his approach is logical, and he is a master in his field. I was somewhat skeptical as to what could be accomplished in 4 days, but now I am a believer and I look forward returning next year.

Jim Crowe. Fort Payne, Alabama

The school is so good for the sport that I think clubs and the AMA should pay you to teach. Your students will then go home and pass on what they learned and the sport will be stronger.

Don Rea. Claremont, CA

My club instructor would tell me to do this and that, but not explain how to do it. Dave began each lesson by explaining how and why, and that made learning much easier. I wish I had come to the school a long time ago and I would be a lot further.

John Jundt. Dublin, OH

My first approach was set up really well so I landed. I shut the engine down so I could let it sink in that a person really can learn to fly R/C in 5 day's! Your training program works as advertised and I wouldn't change a thing. (I'm actually quite thrilled about your program and very impressed with the amount of thought and work you have put into it!) I will return for your aerobatics course next year!

Bob Thomas. Fowlerville, MI

Hi David - Thanks for a great week and for the excellent instruction. You are very well suited for instruction, very professional and very knowledgeable - your mastery of both the sport and the training are very evident in everything you do.

Glenn Dye. Saukville, WI

I really appreciated the opportunity to attend your class. We finished your class on a Friday, and the following Monday I was at the field FLYING!!!!! No help, just preflight, takeoff, fly in comfortable view, and beautiful landings!!!!! You are the best!!!!! One of the old hands at my field came over to say that I was flying beautifully!!!! Last week I took out my MidStar 40 and flew it flawlessly. Your calm demeanor, tremendous knowledge, and proven system, coupled with your great dedication and personality made flying easy and fun! I can't wait to come and see you next year, my skills have already improved exponentially, thanks to you!!!

Don Fletcher. Louisville, KY

I just got back from my first time out on the Somethin' Extra since the course. I think people were quite surprised. I had multiple people comment "Doc's been practicing" and even the "nice flying airplane"!! Worth it's weight in gold. It is refreshing to meet someone who knows what they are doing and even more importantly how to share their wisdom. Your attitude, patience, and example are to be commended.

Bela Ballo. Gates Mills, OH

Thanks for doing such a great job teaching me RC flying. You're a master at instructing!

Bill Capstack. Lenexa, KS

I want to thank you for contributing and assisting me in completing a very successful week of training. I know that I will be able to fly my models. It is no longer intimidating as once was perceived by me. I gained the knowledge to know how to correct errors, and yet has also instilled the "fun" into the hobby. Your additional input on equipment, engines, fuel, maintenance, etc. will be very helpful and cleared the air of a lot of misunderstood information. Thanks again.

Paul Moore. Plymouth, MN

I want to tell you that coming to the school was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've been upgrading my adult education, yet I never had an instructor who so clearly conveyed the lessons to the students as effectively as you. The way you built the training made it easy. Your true concern and support for how well I did gave me a confidence I still have today and you would be proud of how well I've applied your teaching.

Edward Smetak. Houston, TX

I learned more after the first two flights at your school than I had in three years at my club.

Neil Reynolds. Peterboroug, ONT

Each time I take one of your courses I think I've learned just about all there is to learn. Then, you show me a whole new level of flying. I continue to be amazed by your expert tutelage.

Ed Smetak. Kingwood,TX

You have provided the basis from which I have been able to move ahead and perfect what you so skillfully and patiently taught me. Thanks to your instruction I'm able to anticipate the maneuvers and what corrections to make to do them better. I'm amazed by how quickly I’ve progressed. You have an amazing way of teaching the basics and also stressing the finer points to achieve perfection without making it a grueling task. In addition to flying, the information you provided on equipment selection, setups, and what works would take years of experimenting to achieve. You debunk the myths.

Jim Hahn. Birnamwood, WI

It was great to have been able string all those maneuvers together on the first flight of a model I have never flown before … and I owe it all to your superb teaching skills and methods!!!  The reaction from the group at the field was priceless to see!!!

John Moschini

Apparently you have built a business using proper flight instruction methodology-i.e.-a SYLLABUS---something unheard of a local fields. I observe the absolutely abysmal state of most flight instruction for modelers. Even contest caliber modelers can't seem to grasp the function of the rudder control in all phases of flight - including crosswind take off and landing technique. Just as in full size flying - proper instruction (making the airplane do what the PILOT wants it to do as opposed to accepting whatever the plane wants to do and sorta guiding it around) is the only way to learn consistency. Your program indicates an understanding of proper instruction - 99% of articles on flight training that I read in trade pubs is utter garbage. I find your program truly worthwhile and would recommend it to aspiring modelers.

Phil Sibille. Nats, Top Gun, & Masters Champion

The school was without doubt the finest training seminar or short course I've ever taken. I've reset my airplanes' throws, centers of gravity and trims, with my first real understanding of their relationships to the plane and my skill level due to your instruction. Those 4 days rejuvenated my interest and desire to improve. You are an incredible teacher, who mixes the right amount of enthusiasm with an enormous knowledge of flight.

Herb Carpenter. Plattsburgh, NY

Thanks again for the fantastic training experience this week. Your dedication, thoughtfulness, expertise, experience, etc, created a great week for me.

Philip Pottier.  San Diego, CA

You are such a great part of this industry and were glad to know you!! Keep up the great work!!

Horizon Hobby Staff