Foundation / Good habits / Fundamentals / Proper technique / Retention / Crash avoidance Testimonials

My goal in attending the Flight School was to be able to Take off - fly comfortably and land the airplane in one place. The objective was achieved during the five day course. I would highly recommend the Flight School to anyone who wanted to learn to fly in a very short period of time without crashing a number of planes.

William Reynolds. Alpena, MI

Dave Scott is a SUPERB teacher, with "nerves of steel" and a quiet, relaxed manner that leads to early confidence in flying. Prior to each flight Dave would explain exactly what we were going to accomplish and why. After each flight Dave critiqued it (always most politely) at which time he explained what happened and why. The student's only concern is to learn, and have fun while learning. The tuition is far too low for the results obtained-approximately 30 solo "takeoffs" and "landings" each, by myself and my son before the week was over!!! After 5 days in class, I have completely revised the approach I will take with respect to the equipment and the type of aircraft I will build. Even if you exclude stick-time, the school was cost effective.

Tony Fassi. Palm Beach, FL

Please allow me to reiterate what a fantastic experience your primary course was for my sons and myself. Your approach of treating both flight preparation and the actual flying as though it were full scale is absolutely on target for maximal learning and fun with minimal headaches. I only wish I'd come to the School BEFORE making all the ridiculous mistakes! Hope to see you again in the near future for aerobatic training!

Ken, Nate, and Ben Moore. Las Vegas, NV

Dave has almost unlimited patience. His manner and calm reactions to any flying situation is one of the keys to the success of the students. It was well worth the investment and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to fly properly.

Brad Moss. Cleveland, OH

It's official Dave. It all came together to allow me to Solo. What a rush! I even landed the plane on the runway in front of an audience of 3 other club members. The combination of concentrated training, emphasis on fundamentals, and your infinite patience has enabled me to be successful. Thanks.

Archie Paez. Jacksonville, FL

The school has been one of the best time investments I've made in years. You're very professional and structured classroom setting complimented the flying time you individually tailored to the student. You have succeeded in establishing the foundation that every pilot needs in order to be successful.

Mike Anthony. Naperville, IL

I would once again like to thank you for the instruction. I learned a lot and had a blast. I've got 30 flights in to date with no repairs. Money well spent! I am missing the Wisconsin winds! Flew one day in approx. 20 MPH crosswinds since I've been back. A scant breeze after the course. I will highly recommend your school to any student.

Kevin Klaus. Hardin, IL

I can't thank you enough, I got what I came for, confidence, and the correct way to fly. Don't change a thing. I think coming to Shawano and going through the school was one of my best investments in rc flying. A lot of guy's will spend a lot more on equipment, only to trash it, get disgusted, and leave the hobby, because they never had the knowledge you shared with us.

Bob Bortman. Greenfield, WI

Let me say the week was fantastic. You have again restored my interest and confidence in the sport! Your approach to our weaknesses and correcting them and presenting a firm reason for doing what we do, the aerodynamics involved and the building and engine information is priceless. I know even better how to form a plan of action in the sky and carry it out without becoming totally "unglued." And the basis of all the aerobatic flying is simplified if one can just remembers that one caveat: Parallel lines are the basis upon all else builds.

Dr. James Kropelin. Lewiston, NY 

I was very impressed with your approach to learning and that I was able to solo in only 3 days. The lessons I learned in the primary course stuck with me and I was able to solo back at my home field in no time. I know I have a way to go but it was a great confidence builder to be able to take off, establish a pattern and land with no problems. I think I've already got a few people interested in the class. I look forward to coming back for the aerobatics class.

Chris Leyden. Fort Wayne, IN

I really appreciated the opportunity to attend your class. We finished your class on a Friday, and the following Monday I was at the field FLYING!!!!! No help, just preflight, takeoff, fly in comfortable view, and beautiful landings!!!!! You are the best!!!!! One of the old hands at my field came over to say that I was flying beautifully!!!! Last week I took out my MidStar 40 and flew it flawlessly. Your calm demeanor, tremendous knowledge, and proven system, coupled with your great dedication and personality made flying easy and fun! I can't wait to come and see you next year, my skills have already improved exponentially, thanks to you!!!

Don Fletcher. Louisville, KY

I want to thank you for contributing and assisting me in completing a very successful week of training. I know that I will be able to fly my models. It is no longer intimidating as once was perceived by me. I gained the knowledge to know how to correct errors, and yet has also instilled the "fun" into the hobby. Your additional input on equipment, engines, fuel, maintenance, etc. will be very helpful and cleared the air of a lot of misunderstood information. Thanks again.

Paul Moore. Plymouth, MN

I was extremely impressed with your approach and methodology to Primary Flight Training. I have had a lot of 'advice' over the past two years, but no one made any effort to work on the pure basics with me.....'just go fly the plane and if you crash, it is just part of the learning curve'........I now realize that with attention to consistent 
patterns and ground references, there is no need to get into a situation where a crash can occur.

Jeff Wallach. Dallas, TX

One of the most important things I took away from the school is the need to do an after flight analysis to decide where I can improve. You are an excellent teacher. Very competent, very professional, and very enthusiastic. You made the somewhat arduous task of learning to fly fun.

Joe Thompson. Palm City, FL

I want to tell you that coming to the school was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've been upgrading my adult education, yet I never had an instructor who so clearly conveyed the lessons to the students as effectively as you. The way you built the training made it easy. Your true concern and support for how well I did gave me a confidence I still have today and you would be proud of how well I've applied your teaching.

Edward Smetak. Houston, TX

After your course on my second flight, it was very windy. The best flyers had stopped flying and there I was with my Goldberg. When I brought it back down, under control, only a few feet in from me, you could tell their amazement. I walked away from the field with a great feeling of satisfaction that I am on my way to mastering this art of flying, and will be able to share it with my boys, and I will be able to teach them correctly.

Dan Reardan. Washington, DC

I flew yesterday, but on take off a line of squalls came through creating turbulence. The plane performed all sorts of gyrations on its own at low altitude. Heard David's voice, neutralize and level wings! IT WORKS! 
Completed circuit and arrived safely. Thanks David, your system really works. I learned so much and continue to learn as I reread the manual which reinforces what you taught us.

Thomas Harris. Ajax, ONT

Each time I have flown since the class, I have been able to improve because of the proper basic training. When I make a mistake, they have not been catastrophic thanks to now knowing what I did wrong, 
correcting properly, and how to perfect my technique.

Jim Hahn. Birnamwood, WI

My flying continues to go very well. My landings are crisp or as some say "greased.' The takeoffs are steady and flights themselves steady and organized. All the result of your training at the Primary school. I am considering the Acrobatic school next year to improve my flying experience.

Jim Klass. Lewiston, NY

I had five flights with good landings my first time out after the School. Told myself, small bumps and do not hold in the aileron. Have been flying nice patterns, have been flying mainly right turns due to the wind directions. One fellow yesterday wanted to know how long I have been flying. I told him a week and he was kind of shocked at the ease of my flying. I told him I attended your school and he was impressed. I was a little afraid that I would forget everything, but Dave, it was automatic for me, very little thinking just action (not 
reaction). I am so excited to fly, each flight was a little better, smoother and automatic. Pencil me in for some aerobatics.

Michael Pad. Bloomfield, MI

Your training methods have stayed with me. I still laugh when I see all the complicated garbage out there about landing in a crosswind, etc..

Glenn Dye. Saukville, WI

Thank you for developing all the training aids and the school itself. Your school has gotten me off the ground in the right way.

Paul Moore. Plymouth, MN

I flew all day Friday after the course and greased 9 out of 11 landings. Saturday I flew with an old friend who as amazed at my improvement and overall confidence. I showed him a few things that you taught me and he improved immediately.

Jeff Wallach. Dallas, TX

I just wanted to let you know again how much I enjoyed the aerobatics class. You certainly were right in that it met or exceeded every expectation. I was amazed at how well my Ultra sport flew once I returned from the school -- somebody must have switched planes on me while I was gone. I notice steady improvements each time I fly and this is something I just wasn't experiencing prior to your courses. Thanks again Dave!

Daniel Hammon. Bountiful, UT

I just finished 3rd in my second contest since taking the course.  The last round was judged by a couple unlimited Nats winners who gave me some really great compliments, such as, this guy really knows how to use the rudder the right way!  Way too much yawing going on, but not by me though thanks to your training!  
They also commented on the flight school shirt I had on and told me to make sure I fly "Rhythmically crisp"!
Scott Paschen. Michigan Signal Seekers

I picked up a 104 inch Carden Yak  54 after the class.  The first change I made was changing the servo arms to get the best resolution. I took it out and was very happy with it right out of the gate .Started working on the aresti and getting comfortable with the plane.  At the first contest I flew okay.  I had trouble with the hammerhead and not paying attention to wing level going in to each maneuver, under controlling not using rudder or getting to it late.  Did have a very good second round and scored 956 and 923.  After getting home I sat down and went over my notes from our class.  I realized that I didn't follow my training and need to get back to the basic parallel lines, wings level, and the step by step approach.    I enjoy this contest stuff it gives me a purpose to fly the way you have showed me.  I am setting up a warm up plan to get back to basics using the mulligan’s, no fixing until I see what the plane needs from me i.e. trouble shooting.  At this point I am using your set up book to make sure the plane is set up for precision before we start competing in the spring.  I know with the technique and training you have gave me I’ll soon start moving up.

Thanks and blessing to you

Cary Archer. Michigan Signal Seekers

I just got back from my first contest. I flew the Sportsman Routine in 15-25MPH winds. Without practicing since training with you, I placed second and had a blast. Can't wait to start practicing.

Todd Siegel. Freehold, NJ

Big day yesterday. Two guys in the OFC took me up for my wings test and I passed! I'm on my own, thanks to your splendid instruction. My wife thinks the 1st US RC Flight School was the best investment I ever made.

Doug Crowne. St. Agatha, ONT

You've helped impart in me goal setting and intentional pattern flying and maintaining control of the airplane at all times. I'm now thinking ahead about where I want the plane to be rather than reacting to unintentional consequences. Thanks for helping me to evolve my skills so I may enjoy a hobby that has been my life long pursuit.

Mike Anthony. Naperville, IL

My flying is getting better and better every day. I attribute that directly to the foundation I received from your excellent training.

Ed Petterson. Export, PA

You have provided the basis from which I have been able to move ahead and perfect what you so skillfully and patiently taught me. Thanks to your instruction I'm able to anticipate the maneuvers and what corrections to make to do them better. I'm amazed by how quickly I’ve progressed. You have an amazing way of teaching the basics and also stressing the finer points to achieve perfection without making it a grueling task. In addition to flying, the information you provided on equipment selection, setups, and what works would take years of experimenting to achieve. You debunk the myths.

Jim Hahn. Birnamwood, WI

I now have a solid foundation to build on step by step. I understand that more intricate maneuvers are simply an extension of good basic maneuvers strung together. The school has allowed me to become an R/C pilot that can perform a complete routine with confidence and competence. The school has been invaluable.

Melvin Johnston. Manitoba, CAN

With hundreds of hours of dual instruction time, I was certain I had the skills to self-learn aerobatics. It was ugly to watch as myself as the "club instructor" started crashing his models while attempting what I believed were minor aerobatics. Matters became worse as my former students wanted me to teach them aerobatics. More models stated hitting the ground. I had just about given up when I saw your ad and booked a session in your aerobatic school. You will be pleased to know that back home I have put your manual and school 
knowledge to work. My rudder control is improving with every flight, and "yes", I'm staying ahead of the airplane. Thanks for all your help, and saving my reputation at the field.

Tony Biach. Silver Cliff, WI

Apparently you have built a business using proper flight instruction methodology-i.e.-a SYLLABUS---something unheard of a local fields. I observe the absolutely abysmal state of most flight instruction for modelers. Even contest caliber modelers can't seem to grasp the function of the rudder control in all phases of flight - including crosswind take off and landing technique. Just as in full size flying - proper instruction (making the airplane do what the PILOT wants it to do as opposed to accepting whatever the plane wants to do and sorta guiding it around) is the only way to learn consistency. Your program indicates an understanding of proper instruction - 99% of articles on flight training that I read in trade pubs is utter garbage. I find your program truly worthwhile and would recommend it to aspiring modelers.

Phil Sibille. Nats, Top Gun, & Masters Champion

I'm working the rudder in my maneuvers. Amazing, it works back home just like at Dave's field <grin>. Now I'll practice bringing my maneuvers closer and lower, just like you said I would. Thanks again.

Mike Guncheon. Eagan, MN

Each time I attend the school I'm even more impressed by how clearly you organize the lessons and how easy you make it to learn. How the maneuvers were flown seemed to be a closely guarded secret in the 
sport before I came to your school. Now, thanks to you, I feel I have the foundation to do just about anything with practice. Keep up the good work.

Robert Yeager. Casper, WY

I've learned from you that it is all about set-up, set-up, set-up. Without a proper set up everything else goes bad. If you are not set up right then you are always reacting to the fact that the plane will not track right or come out of the maneuver prepared for the next one.

Jim Procrass. Beverly Hills, CA

Time and time again, both myself and my classmate Jim realized how critical parallel lines and level wings are to conducting aerobatic maneuvers, and more importantly, providing the framework for a sequence of maneuvers. Thank you again for providing the methodology and framework of basic flying techniques that continue to build my confidence and experience in flying R/C aircraft.

Jeff Wallach. Dallas, TX

I flew yesterday for the first time since the flight school. Everything went perfect and I felt totally relaxed. I look forward to returning to take the next aerobatics course. I'm certainly "over the hump" and I now feel comfortable flying in any attitude. Thanks for the great time.

Lou Sardella. Sparks, MD

After another most productive week at your school, I now not only feel I have the foundation to learn any maneuver required for IMAC competition, but I'm confident I'll also place well.

Eddie Petterson. Pittsburgh, PA

What a difference a little flight instruction makes!! Even my landings were better!! It is such a pleasure to fly the various maneuvers with competence. The school decals are going on my planes ASAP.

Marvin Jones. Prescot, AZ

The day I got back from the Basic aerobatic class one of the really good Pattern guys asked me to show him what I could do in the way of a sequence. I flew three sequences as best I could in a 15 MPH crosswind. Kind of blew him away. He said....'OK Wallach, WHERE did you learn to fly like that? That is something I almost never see in this Club!'. I told him my heritage with the DAS system, and he just smiled and said......good, we have another Pattern guy in training!

Jeff Wallach. Dallas, TX