Confidence / Training-flying ease / Fun / Enjoyment / Optimism Testimonials

Dave is both very patient and very thorough in his instruction, and I felt he had a true concern for my understanding of the information. Dave has the student focus on making prescribed controls inputs and 
the aircraft follows along - versus reacting to the airplane and always being one step behind it. Dave's friendly approach made the lessons easy to learn and the training flights allowed us to immediately put his techniques to use, get feedback, and continue on. I've now successfully flown 21 flights on my own. I hope to return to Wisconsin for an aerobatics course.

Bill Felton. Apex, NC

I think you should stop calling yourself an instructor and begin calling yourself a teacher, coach, and inspirator. The way you have structured your course, from simple to complex, is educationally sound and it 
works. Your teaching and coaching ability is however, the thing that brings it all together. Your explanations before the flights and during the flights eliminated the usual disorientation and lack of control. If anyone had told me that a person who had never flown R/C could solo in just 4 days, I simply would not have believed it - I do now!

Faye Stilley. Wilton, CT

To put it short, your program works and it gave me the confidence to fly when I got back home. I would readily suggest your course to other people like myself whose schedules do not permit sustained weekend after weekend flying to build proficiency. The 5 days I spent with you represented several summers worth of regular training.

Jeffrey Steinberg. Chessnut Hill, MA

Thanks for the confidence building week. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do aerobatic maneuvers but your building block teaching process and fundamentals first approach really helped me to learn quickly and see that I could become a good aerobatic pilot. This class has been a wonderful experience and your guidance has instilled a real sense of confidence that I would not have found trying to learn it at home.

Darrell Decker. Harwinton, CT

My goal in attending the Flight School was to be able to Take off - fly comfortably and land the airplane in one place. The objective was achieved during the five day course. I would highly recommend the Flight School to anyone who wanted to learn to fly in a very short period of time without crashing a number of planes.

William Reynolds. Alpena, MI

The course totally exceeded my expectations, and I had high expectations. I now have the confidence that I am totally in control of my plane. The DAS system just can't be that simple, and yet it is!!! Please feel free to have anyone who wants confirmation of your courses worth to email me. I will tell them that it is the best $ I have ever spent in the hobby.

Steve Storman. Harrington Park, NJ

Thanks to your training I had a great summer going to the field each day with a specific goal. By fall I realized that you had given me something that I didn't expect - CONFIDENCE!  I was no longer nervous about any aspect of flying. Thanks for a VERY enjoyable season of flying and learning.

Dave Coutie.  Oshawa, Canada

First, I have to say last week was phenomenal!  After not having a transmitter in my hands for over 12 years, I was amazed at how well I did, but that was all you.  Since returning home I no longer get nervous when I fly, I've been excited about the experience you provided.  Thanks again for the awesome class, especially the crosswind flying and landings!

Michael Lowe

Thank you for a great four days of flying. I brought back a lot of things to work on but more importantly a new sense of confidence. Your teaching method of starting the course on Day 1 with a special emphasis on cementing the "basics" and building from there during the week clicked for me!

Dick Dooley. Jacksonville, FL

By constantly telling myself the things I learned while I was at the school I’m no longer nervous and I am becoming much more comfortable flying near the ground which was a real hurdle for me before the school. The guys at the field really noticed a difference and made many compliments so I must be doing something right.

Perry Tamarra. Snohomish, WA

I left your course with a feeling of confidence and especially awareness of what R/C flying is all about and the reasons why we do or avoid certain movements. Your ability to connect with the student and at the same time with the other students in the class is a corner stone of your course.

Jim Kropelin. Lewiston, New York

Your basic course has totally changed my future in this hobby.  It took almost two seasons for me to solo at the local field.  I was extremely tense when attempting to fly and it was very rare that I returned home from a day at the field without damaging my plane through repeated crashes. What a difference after attending your basic course; I’m now relaxed and having FUN. All the subsequent flights to date have been uneventful. The flying has been great and all of my landings have “floated” in, straight down the center of the runway! Some of the flights were even easy, it’s WONDERFUL.

Mark Bennett. Indianapolis, IN

Many thanks for a terrific class! It provided me with much more confidence in flying low, slow, level approaches to landings.  The high winds also gave excellent practice flying precision flight patterns.  I am putting a check in the mail today for next years aerobatic class.

John Skillicorn.  Mora, MN

My flights keep getting better each time out since the week at your school. I am increasingly more confident and more relaxed flying.  The techniques you’ve taught me are just what I needed to become an independent flyer.  Thanks again for being a great instructor. 

Tom Nelson.  Streamwood, IL

My confidence has really built up now that I know ahead what to do versus burning holes in the sky.

Domenick Linarello

Thanks for a wonderful week of learning.  Your ability as an instructor to communicate in either the classroom or practical environment is a wonderful talent.  I was excited to come to the school, and now I’m even more excited to start flying back home.

Bill Sneddon.  Waretown, NJ

Thanks for another great training session!  Your step by step building building process is terrific.  Your discussions and handouts do a good job of reinforcing what we are doing.  I especially appreciated the time you took to set up my plane and then fly it with me.  Your explanations that applied to all our planes was a huge confidence builder for me. 

Dick Pleister. Milwaukee, WI

I really enjoyed your class. I’ve flown several times since I returned but I am enjoying it more than ever. To me the course was a great confidence booster and I am doing much better on my scale maneuvers. In addition to being a great teacher your professionalism as an RC Flight instructor, terrific books and your friendly nature made a great four day holiday that I won’t soon forget.

Mark Imhoff. San Antonio, TX

Dave Scott is a SUPERB teacher, with "nerves of steel" and a quiet, relaxed manner that leads to early confidence in flying. Prior to each flight Dave would explain exactly what we were going to accomplish and why. After each flight Dave critiqued it (always most politely) at which time he explained what happened and why. The student's only concern is to learn, and have fun while learning. The tuition is far too low for the results obtained-approximately 30 solo "takeoffs" and "landings" each, by myself and my son before the week was over!!! After 5 days in class, I have completely revised the approach I will take with respect to the equipment and the type of aircraft I will build. Even if you exclude stick-time, the school was cost effective.

Tony Fassi. Palm Beach, FL

Please allow me to reiterate what a fantastic experience your primary course was for my sons and myself. Your approach of treating both flight preparation and the actual flying as though it were full scale is absolutely on target for maximal learning and fun with minimal headaches. I only wish I'd come to the School BEFORE making all the ridiculous mistakes! Hope to see you again in the near future for aerobatic training!

Ken, Nate, and Ben Moore. Las Vegas, NV

I can't thank you enough! We all were highly satisfied with your course and are still amazed at how you can tailor the instruction for each of us separately. I can't imagine that you could have made a more thorough or professional effort. My primary reason for coming to your school was to gain enough confidence so as to look forward to and enjoy flying, which goal was certainly achieved. I would highly recommend your course to anyone learning to fly and wanting to be a proficient pilot.

Ernest Waud. Lake Forest, IL

I would once again like to thank you for the instruction. I learned a lot and had a blast. I've got 30 flights in to date with no repairs. Money well spent! I am missing the Wisconsin winds! Flew one day in approx. 20 MPH crosswinds since I've been back. A scant breeze after the course. I will highly recommend your school to any student.

Kevin Klaus. Hardin, IL

Your guidance has sure added a whole new level of comfort and quality to my flying.

Ray Halt

I really look forward to flying every chance I get since the school. Tuesday I went out to the field only to be greeted by a 10-20 mph crosswind which also varied in it's direction. Having had so much experience at your school in windy situations I didn't consider that a problem and I got in 4 flights. Probably the most important thing I took away from the school was CONFIDENCE. I am able to do really consistent patterns, approaches and landings. It's like it's just automatic. Thanks for all the great instruction and RC tips. It makes flying so much fun and rewarding.

Peter Renwick. Lake Oswego, OR

Dave Scott, a 1st rate instructor who made all of his commands in a clear level voice which were easy to understand. I have more confidence now and I feel I really got my money's worth.

Bob Harris. Ontario, CAN

I can't thank you enough, I got what I came for, confidence, and the correct way to fly. Don't change a thing. I think coming to Shawano and going through the school was one of my best investments in rc flying. A lot of guy's will spend a lot more on equipment, only to trash it, get disgusted, and leave the hobby, because they never had the knowledge you shared with us.

Bob Bortman. Greenfield, WI

Let me thank you for a fantastic experience for my son William and myself.   We both came away with great skill and confidence. 

Irvin Herling

It has been two months since I spent the wonderful week at your school. I arrived at the field and the flags were almost horizontal. I went for it anyway. My takeoffs were perfect and my landings were something to behold. It was like the day we flew in your class with the flag standing straight and all three of us followed your instructions and took off and landed with confidence. Thanks to your classes, I now have confidence in my flying ability, and in being able to fly in winds that make the field undesirable for others.

Jim Kropelin. Lewiston, NY

I went flying today for the first time since taking your course and it went very well. I had 15 to 20 mph 90 degree cross winds to the runway. I wasn’t near as nervous flying as I was before I took your course. I did 6 landings and my plane is in great shape. HA HA. It seems so easy when I fly like you taught me. Thanks again Dave. I’m having a ball now.

Gerald Jefferies. Robertsdale, AL

I just wanted to thank you for the great week. I certainly learned a lot and reinforced some of the fledgling skills I had been working on. I think your approach is excellent and produces good results. I know I have a way to go but it was a great confidence builder to be able to take off, establish a pattern and land with no problems. I think I've already got a few people interested in the class. I look forward to coming back for the aerobatics class.

Chris Leyden. Fort Wayne, IN

What a great time I had flying with you. It was truly one of those great memorable aviation experiences of my life. I can't get the grin off my face!

Capt. (United Airlines) Elwood Woods. Dundee, IL

I really appreciated the opportunity to attend your class. We finished your class on a Friday, and the following Monday I was at the field FLYING!!!!! No help, just preflight, takeoff, fly in comfortable view, and beautiful landings!!!!! You are the best!!!!! One of the old hands at my field came over to say that I was flying beautifully!!!! Last week I took out my MidStar 40 and flew it flawlessly. Your calm demeanor, tremendous knowledge, and proven system, coupled with your great dedication and personality made flying easy and fun! I can't wait to come and see you next year, my skills have already improved exponentially, thanks to you!!!

Don Fletcher. Louisville, KY

Your training and the 1st US Flight School was the best thing I could have done. I was not comfortable with any of the basic maneuvers before getting to your school. Thanks to your training, I'm enjoying flying instead of trying to keep up with the plane. The really amazing thing was that it seemed so easy. On my return, all of the instructors were amazed at the progress I had made. I was surprised at how much fun it is when people start accepting you and helping. Even the "General" speaks to me every now and then. Thanks again for making flying a fun hobby.

Sam Stimson. Austin, TX

Your program was great. My confidence rose to all time high and you honestly put the FUN back into the sport for me.

Pete Warenski. Libertyville, IL

I had such an excellent experience at your school again this year. “Go slow to go fast” is my mantra, along with “parallel lines” being my KPTR. I was thrilled to be able to work through the entire sequence for Intermediate competition. I have a lot of things to be working on for this season.

Kevin Brice. Milwaukee, WI

I want to thank you for contributing and assisting me in completing a very successful week of training. I know that I will be able to fly my models. It is no longer intimidating as once was perceived by me. I gained the knowledge to know how to correct errors, and yet has also instilled the "fun" into the hobby. Your additional input on equipment, engines, fuel, maintenance, etc. will be very helpful and cleared the air of a lot of misunderstood information. Thanks again.

Paul Moore. Plymouth, MN

One of the most important things I took away from the school is the need to do an after flight analysis to decide where I can improve. You are an excellent teacher. Very competent, very professional, and very enthusiastic. You made the somewhat arduous task of learning to fly fun.

Joe Thompson. Palm City, FL

I want to tell you that coming to the school was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've been upgrading my adult education, yet I never had an instructor who so clearly conveyed the lessons to the students as effectively as you. The way you built the training made it easy. Your true concern and support for how well I did gave me a confidence I still have today and you would be proud of how well I've applied your teaching.

Edward Smetak. Houston, TX

I just wanted to say thank you for your great instruction. I flew three solo flights one week after your school! I am so excited to finally have independence from the buddy box! Thanks to your instruction I am no longer afraid to fly!

Dale Smith. Ann Arbor, MI

It has really been fun flying out at the field and to listen to the remarks guys make about my flying. I keep remembering what you said you do to keep it interesting; trying to make it look real. You would not believe how many guys are amazed at how fast I have progressed and are now asking me if I want to fly their airplanes! What a terrific testament to your training!

Bob Kohler. Cedarburg, WI

Let me say the week was fantastic. You have again restored my interest and confidence in the sport! Your approach to our weaknesses and correcting them and presenting a firm reason for doing what we do and the aerodynamics involved is priceless. I know even better how to form a plan of action in the sky and carry it out without becoming totally "unglued."

Dr. James Kropelin

I cannot express how much you've helped me gain confidence. That first day when you had me fly in 20 mph winds, I would not have believed it unless I had tried it myself! Your training has helped me to be better prepared to fly successfully on my home field.

Michael Anthony. Naperville, IL

Your teaching methods and style are excellent, as proven by taking a novice, such as myself, and in one week of training, not only getting him to solo several times, but giving him the confidence that he goes off and "knows" that he can do it on his own.

Ralph Mallin. DCRC

First I want to say, what a joy it was to be one of your students. I still can't stop telling people what a wonderful learning experience you have put together for the RC student.

Ed Bleske. Pewaukee, WI

You are a great instructor and the school you run is the best. I now have the confidence to take my plane out and fly by myself.

Eddie Lord. Sheffield, MA

The club examiner wanted me to do 3 take-offs and landings to receive my wings.....I did more than 20! Thanks for the great week in Wisconsin and for the skills and confidence to solo! I'm looking forward to the aerobatics class next summer!

Ron Capstack. Harrisonburg, VA

Like you predicted, the first home solos after completing the course were anticlimactic! I had absolutely no apprehension at all and flew the plane like you taught me. Like you said, losing an airplane is unacceptable. The check pilot found it difficult to believe that my total experience was one week and that I soloed in three days, but he said "you don't need my help at all."

Bill Voss. Grand Rapids, MI

I flew all day Friday after the course and greased 9 out of 11 landings. Saturday I flew with an old friend who as amazed at my improvement and overall confidence. I showed him a few things that you taught me and he improved immediately.

Jeff Wallach. Dallas, TX

I am still sooooo thankful to have attended your primary flight school! Your teaching helped make flying enjoyable. I have purchased several of your manuals and I put in a good word for you whenever I can. I hope to attend sport aerobatic school this summer.

Dale Smith. Ann Arbor, MI

I just wanted to let you know again how much I enjoyed the aerobatics class. You certainly were right in that it met or exceeded every expectation. I was amazed at how well my Ultra sport flew once I returned from the school -- somebody must have switched planes on me while I was gone. I notice steady improvements each time I fly and this is something I just wasn't experiencing prior to your courses. Thanks again Dave!

Daniel Hammon. Bountiful, UT

I want to thank you for a great week at your school. I had been afraid to fly my Kaos, but the first time I flew it back at my home field I had a blast with it. My confidence is at a new high. Flying is so much fun now. Your carwl-walk-run training really works!!!

Joel Smith. North Grafton, MA

You've helped impart in me goal setting and intentional pattern flying and maintaining control of the airplane at all times. I'm now thinking ahead about where I want the plane to be rather than reacting to unintentional consequences. Thanks for helping me to evolve my skills so I may enjoy a hobby that has been my life long pursuit.

Mike Anthony. Naperville, IL

What another wonderful week I spent under your great teaching and direction, and I wished that I could have been there again this Monday. I know you have heard this many times, but I must repeat it again: You are not only a great teacher, but a very dedicated professional who knows how to inspire your students to "reach for the sky".

Michal McClure. Lake Forest, IL

You have provided the basis from which I have been able to move ahead and perfect what you so skillfully and patiently taught me. Thanks to your instruction I'm able to anticipate the maneuvers and what corrections to make to do them better. I'm amazed by how quickly I’ve progressed. You have an amazing way of teaching the basics and also stressing the finer points to achieve perfection without making it a grueling task. In addition to flying, the information you provided on equipment selection, setups, and what works would take years of experimenting to achieve. You debunk the myths.

Jim Hahn. Birnamwood, WI

Because of the organization of the material, tailoring the lessons to the pupils needs and your constant input, my learning curve rose steadily and left me with the confidence and complete satisfaction that I could master the aerobatics routine at my home flying field.

Jim Kropelin. Lewiston, NY

The school was without doubt the finest training seminar or short course I've ever taken. I've reset my airplanes' throws, centers of gravity and trims, with my first real understanding of their relationships to the plane and my skill level due to your instruction. Those 4 days rejuvenated my interest and desire to improve. You are an incredible teacher, who mixes the right amount of enthusiasm with an enormous knowledge of flight. 

Herb Carpenter. Plattsburgh, NY

Now when flyers hear that I have been to aerobatic flight school they always ask if it helped or if it was worthwhile. I cannot be more positive about my experience to other flyers. There was no other way for me to advance my skills so quickly. I am not sure any amount of time would have helped this much. I think differently about flying. As the flight school taught me, I no longer react to what the aircraft is doing. I anticipate what to do and control the plane. The smoothness of my flights is better. My flying is improving and I am having more fun flying aerobatics than ever.

Ken Weddell. Fremont, MI

Dave relayed some new ideas about control, "Trust your plan and your inputs." When we started flying it worked! Times when I couldn't see the plane very well, trusted my inputs, and here she comes! Wow! By the third day I wasn't even looking at the plane, just where it was heading. I didn't need to know WHAT the plane was doing because I KNEW what I had told it to do. Flying was actually becoming FUN.

Dave Healy. Medford, OR

Each time I attend the school I'm even more impressed by how clearly you organize the lessons and how easy you make it to learn. How the maneuvers were flown seemed to be a closely guarded secret in the 
sport before I came to your school. Now, thanks to you, I feel I have the foundation to do just about anything with practice. Keep up the good work.

Robert Yeager. Casper, WY

I'm now flying in much stronger winds than before the course, in order to practice serious rudder corrections. Right now, I actually look forward to windy days more than quiet ones. As a result I went out with another electric I have in approx. 20plus knot winds. I was having so much fun I tore the servos out of the wings! Got to love this hobby.

Bela Ballo. Gates Mills, OH

Time and time again, both myself and my classmate Jim realized how critical parallel lines and level wings are to conducting aerobatic maneuvers, and more importantly, providing the framework for a sequence of maneuvers. Thank you again for providing the methodology and framework of basic flying techniques that continue to build my confidence and experience in flying R/C aircraft.

Jeff Wallach. Dallas, TX

I flew yesterday for the first time since the flight school. Everything went perfect and I felt totally relaxed. I look forward to returning to take the next aerobatics course. I'm certainly "over the hump" and I now feel comfortable flying in any attitude. Thanks for the great time.

Lou Sardella. Sparks, MD

After another most productive week at your school, I now not only feel I have the foundation to learn any maneuver required for IMAC competition, but I'm confident I'll also place well.

Eddie Petterson. Pittsburgh, PA

My son(Zach) and I attended one of your classes last summer and we had a great time. On the trip back, Zach said he liked it so much that he wanted to come back again year. Do you have any openings?

Terry Olson. Darien, IL