Reviews & Testimonials from 1st U.S. R/C Flight School Students

To put it short, your program works and it gave me the confidence to fly when I got back home. I would readily suggest your course to other people like myself whose schedules do not permit sustained weekend after weekend flying to build proficiency. The 5 days I spent with you represented several summers worth of regular training.

Jeffrey Steinberg. Chessnut Hill, MA

(NC) Charles County Windrifters R/C Club Editors note: I also attended this school three years ago. It is all Bill says it is, and more. It makes for a nice vacation as well as expediting a tedious learning process. I think you should stop calling yourself an instructor and begin calling yourself a teacher, coach, and inspirator. The way you ha

Faye Stilley. Wilton, CT

Dave is both very patient and very thorough in his instruction, and I felt he had a true concern for my understanding of the information. Dave has the student focus on making prescribed control inputs and the aircraft follows along - versus reacting to the airplane and always being one step behind it. Dave's friendly approach made the lessons e

Bill Felton. Apex, NC

When I called AMA to research your school they gave you seven stars out of five! The school met and exceeded all my expectations and my first Solos back home were text book.

Joseph Balabon, Mays Landing, NJ

Dave Scott of the "1st US R/C Flight School" offers a very complete training syllabus that he employs during his famous 4-5 day Flying School.

Jerry Festa, RCM Beginners' Bench

After your primary solo course my R/C club awarded me "Most Improved Flyer of the Year 2010". Our AMA club has 150+ members and the club board determines the award. My club solo sign off was 8+ successive landings on a 30' x 300' paved runway. Hit it every time. Your course worked. It was hard to keep my mouth shut about who trained me right.

Len Petkun - Indian Hill, OH

I often think about our sessions notwithstanding the dramatic impact on my flying. I now CONTROL what happens by not always reacting. I anticipate what is going to happen and put in the correct inputs and TRUST what will happen. I plan ahead for things that might happen and make adjustments before they occur or when they occur. I read something

Jim Procrass, Beverly Hills, CA

I honestly didn’t know how you were going to exceed my expectations in this class in comparison to the quantum leap in the basic class over a year ago, but you did. It just isn't as immediately obvious until you put it to practice. Then it really hits home when it all works. Your business card claims World Leader in R/C Flight Training--I

Jim Hahn, Bernumwood, WI

I just wanted to let you know again how much I enjoyed the aerobatics class. You certainly were right in that it met or exceeded every expectation. I was amazed at how well my Ultra sport flew once I returned from the school -- somebody must have switched planes on me while I was gone. I notice steady improvements each time I fly and this is so

Daniel Hammon, Bountiful, UT

I wanted to thank you for the aerobatic training I received this summer. I have had several great comments from club members since attending. This is probably no secret to you, but I can't think of anything that has impacted my flying in such a positive way in 22 years of flying. All I can say is, the DAS system really works!

Ron Graham. Ashley, OH

I went out flying this evening after the course and everything simply clicked. The cadence, the confidence, the maneuvers where all there. You really would have been proud. I feel so lucky to have such an invaluable resource like the school so close to home. I'm happy and honored to share my positive experiences at the school with as many peopl

Bela Ballo, Green Bay, WI

I just got back from my first contest. I flew the Sportsman Routine in 15-25MPH winds. Without practicing since training with you, I placed second and had a blast. Can't wait to start practicing.

Todd Siegel. Freehold, NJ

My goal in attending the Flight School was to be able to Take off - fly comfortably and land the airplane in one place. The objective was achieved during the five day course. I would highly recommend the Flight School to anyone who wanted to learn to fly in a very short period of time without crashing a number of planes.

William Reynolds. Alpena, MI

Thanks for the confidence building week. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do aerobatic maneuvers but your building block teaching process and fundamentals first approach really helped me to learn quickly and see that I could become a good aerobatic pilot. This class has been a wonderful experience and your guidance has instilled a real sense

Darrell Decker. Harwinton, CT

Thanks to your training I had a great summer going to the field each day with a specific goal. Having a practice plan made learning new stuff enjoyable and much easier to accomplish. What a difference knowing how to execute the maneuvers beforehand made on my practice and figuring out where I needed to improve. By fall I realized that you had g

Dave Coutie, Oshawa, Canada

I went flying today for the first time since taking your course and it went very well. I had 15 to 20 mph 90 degrees of cross winds to the runway. It was a bit tough but I handled it well. I wasn't near as nervous as I was before I took your course. I did 6 landings and my plane is in good shape. Took it home in one piece. Been awhile since I d

Gerald Jefferies. Robertsdale, AL

Dave Scott is a SUPERB teacher, with "nerves of steel" and a quiet, relaxed manner that leads to early confidence in flying. Prior to each flight Dave would explain exactly what we were going to accomplish and why. After each flight Dave critiqued it (always most politely) at which time he explained what happened and why. The student's only con

Tony Fassi. Palm Beach, FL

I know quality when I see it and really enjoy telling my readers about good stuff. 1st U.S. R/C Flight School is selling an educational and much needed Intermediate (Precision) Aerobatics flight-training manual. Professionally written, the graphics are as large as the pages, and the text is easy to read. Based on reading the book and going out

Eric Henderson. Aerobatics Column, Model Aviation

I find the illustrations in most publications nothing more than pretty pictures with absolutely no stick positioning information - no real help. So I would like to commend you on your approach at publishing your manual. I have not seen anything that is comparable.

Bryan Smith. Houston, TX

It takes knowledge to learn without crashing. 1st U.S. R/C Flight School manuals are a great way to gain knowledge. Each manual is well detailed and explains each lesson with excellent illustrations. For each lesson, matching stick movements are highlighted so that you can practice before you take to the air. Armed with an instructor and these

Rick Bell. Editor, Model Airplane News

The steps in your book One Week to Solo really helped my turns, especially page A1. The 1, 2, 3 and 4, 5, 6 finally gave me something solid to go by, and that's when I started to make progress. Before that I landed in the hay field behind the pit area, in the corn filed at the end of the runway and in a tree (twice, same tree) across from the p

Paul Zimmer, New Richmond, WI

The manuals are terrific!!! They are very informative and I especially like the detailed and intuitive illustrations. There are so many things that I was not aware that make so much sense the way you explain them. I have been flying for about 6 years and just not progressing the way I felt I should have. I have no doubt that my flying will prog

Glenn Kotch

I have to say that the amount of technical advice and knowledge in the manual is impressive. It is obvious to me that you are a student of piloting and have mastered many technical aspects. I'm going to recommend your book to my members.

Rich Fletcher, IMAC Coach. Former Nats Expert Patt

Not all training programs are created equal. While other instructors routinely offer up excuses for their students not living up to expectations, 1st U.S. R/C Flight School has been consistently exceeding the expectations of its customers for 3 decades.

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