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Tuition: $499

Course Description:

Drone Flight AcademyCommercial Drone Flight Academy services business, media, government, and education professionals who value the importance of proper instruction toward establishing a foundation that will protect their investment and increase long term productivity.

The world's most experienced commercial drone training source also offers Credentialed Commercial Drone Video Capture Services (e.g., Real Estate Sales, Property/Equipment Inspection, Event Coverage, Raw Accident/News Site Video Capture, etc.) to it's line of professional services.

Commercial Drone Academy is a division of 1st U.S. R/C Flight School -- the world’s leading source for accelerated radio control flight training with a proven 30 year track-record of exceeding customer expectations.

With unparalleled efficiency, enrollees receive instruction on regulatory compliance, drone operations, and the flying techniques required to safely maneuver a multirotor, avoid obstacles, and keep an onboard camera pointed at a target. Upon completion of the course, pilots will have all the fundamental skills and knowledge to start utilizing a multirotor as an effective camera platform.

Immersive 1, 2, & 3-day training courses and small class sizes offer plenty of hands-on experience and personal attention, plus the additional benefit of observing classmates and applying the lessons learned to accelerate each other’s performance. Courses include the Academy’s comprehensive Multirotor Flight Training manual and all the equipment required during the training.

Most commercial operators jump right into flying and start figuring things out as they go along, and many eventually do learn to successfully operate a multirotor. However, along the way there are numerous crashes, repairs($), and a lower degree of safety. Others put their success in the hands of one of the many upstart drone schools found online. Or, you can choose with confidence the only commercial multirotor training program developed directly from the experience of training thousands of drone pilots, Commercial Drone Flight Academy.

Important Flight Training and Commercial Video Hire Considerations:

The term “drone” applies to any ground controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/System (UAV/UAS). These include multirotor “quadcopters” as well as single-rotor helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.  Unless certified for commercial operations, drones are approved for recreational use only.  (Recreational use is defined as for personal interests and enjoyment.)  

By law, any commercial drone aircraft operation “for compensation” or “in furtherance of a business” in the national airspace system requires that each aircraft be registered and flown by a pilot possessing an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate with a sUAS rating.

Commercial Drone Flight Academy's chief pilot, Dave Scott, is a Commercially Rated pilot with all necessary sUAS ratings, and in addition to flight training and/or video capture duties, clients can expect Dave to provide detailed instruction pertaining to relevant FAA compliance and operations. 

Students wishing to begin drone operations for business upon completing a training course;

  1. Must either posses a Private Pilot license and acquire a Remote Pilot Certification, or
  • Pass the Aeronautical Knowledge Test (Part 107 Exam, Airman Knowledge Exam, Remote Pilot Knowledge Exam)
  • Obtain an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate with a sUAS rating
  • Register each aircraft with the FAA
  1. Or, register your drones and hire a credentialed private contractor pilot, e.g., Dave Scott, or rely on Dave to supply the registered drone to be used for filming or data collection.

In conclusion, Commercial Drone Flight Academy courses are intended to educate and instruct individuals and business owners about all aspects of commercial drone operations, and therefore enable you to proficiently, efficiently, safely, and legally explore the full potential of drone use in your business. Or, you can take advantage of Dave Scott's unprecedented experience and professionalism for your business video capture needs.

Dave Scott has amassed an unprecedented 14,000 of professional drone flying and teaching experience.  He is a Commercially rated pilot and possesses a 333 exemption for commercial filming, data collection, and flight training, and is therefore familiar with all the requirements to legally operate a drone in a commercial environment.  If you wish to retain Dave as the contract pilot for your upcoming drone operations, contact Dave at the address below with your request.  Acquiring a Commercial pilot’s license and 333 exemption come at considerable expense, hence, Dave's base fee is $75 per hour (including travel time) plus expenses.