Simulator Landing Tips and Helpful Hints Booklet

Simulator training is an excellent way to learn new techniques, new maneuvers, cement good-habits, and build confidence to help ensure greater success when you get to the actual flying field. However, modern simulators are so realistic that any bad habits practiced on a sim will also carry over into your real world flying and therefore hinder success. Consequently, before practicing any new skill on a simulator, it is crucial that you acquire the correct understanding of the technique for flying it to ensure that the habits formed on the sim will truly benefit your real world flying.

1st U.S. R/C Flight School training manuals were written to serve as the ideal guides for simulator practice, making sure that the habits formed on a sim translate into greater success at the flying field. On average, those who practice on a flight simulator using one of our manuals will accomplish twice as much in the real world as those who practice without the manual-sim combination!

Sim Tips has been developed to maximize the effectiveness of airplane flight simulator training with 1st U.S. R/C Flight School training manuals and to solve the most common problems people run into flying a simulator.



"I found your book as a very useful guide for beginning on a flight simulator. It's very well written and presented."

- Fred Drummond. Pass Christian, MS

"I just wanted you to know how much benefit I received from your flight manual. After practicing on the sim until I could do the things in your book, I was able to fly two 5 minute flights with no outside assistance."

- Jeff Steinberg. Posen, IL

"Thanks for a great week - I've briefed the father and son I talked to you about on your flight school with very high recommendations. I will also recommend that they get the RC simulator and your primary training manual and apply your methods and procedure rather than playing it like a video game and developing bad habits."

- Glenn Dye. Saukville, WI

"Your Manuals have provided me with the methods to make productive use of my simulator. I expect that when I fly, I will know exactly what I need to do without giving it much thought, and that is what I'm aiming for."

- Dick Talley. Hudson, OH

"Firstly I want to thank you for sending the manuals. I am extremely impressed  and have been using them in conjunction with the simulator. This alone has shown me bad habits of which I am sorting out. If it were possible I would love to attend one of your courses to see and hear your way of presenting the course."

- Ian Webb. South Africa

"I ordered your DAS System Flight Instruction Manual in order to improve my skills on the simulator. I am now able to land my airplane perfectly almost every time and am much more confident of taking my plane to the flying field. Congratulations to you and your team for producing such a wonderfully illustrated and excellent manual which is worth every cent."

- Chittur Venkatasubban. Wichita, KS

"I purchased all your great training manuals this summer and I have great success with them! I learned alone, using your books and sim, and I made my first flight alone and didn't crash my plane! (Hopefully I will not for a long time!)"

- Pascal de Lorenzo. France

"I'm enjoying your “One Week to Solo” book and Sim Tips a great deal. I expect to be able to put a real plane in the air next spring with full confidence after using both books on my Phoenix sim to build my skills over the winter."

- Tom Maynard. Schaumberg, IL

"After reading your on-line notes for the Solo class, I added a mix to compensate for adverse yaw. Could not believe the difference.  It's like adding weeks of experience with one change."

- Bob Petersen. Dunstable, MA

"Thanks you for your training material.  I am returning to the R/C hobby after a long layoff and I am currently restricted to using a simulator.  With your help I feel like I am making much better progress now compared to what I was used to before."

- Frank Fussenegger. Littleton, CO

"I am looking forward to receiving your book. I have already used some of the techniques from your website posting excerpts of the book, and have noted a dramatic improvement on my sim flights! Thanks again."

- Michael Pad. Bloomfield, MI

"I received the Simulator Manual and what a big difference it made. I'm able to get my plane in comfortable view and fly a sequence without a problem. I've got 15 mph winds set all the time so I'm working on my Rudder use."

- James Boyden. Northwood, IA

"I found your manuals enormously helpful practicing on my simulator. I can now land all the planes on the runway every time."

- Bill Voss. Grand Rapids, MI

"I can't tell you enough how great I've found your manual to be. Your manual describes me and the problems I was having perfectly, and I'm amazed how simple you've made the solutions. After practicing everything in your book on my simulator until it was automatic, my confidence and flying at the club field has vastly improved. When you finish your next book, I'll take five copies!"

- Rusty Billings. Lakewood, WI

"I liked the fact it was spiral bound, allowing me to flip it over as I studied a maneuver and making it easy if you have a flight sim to lay out the book in front of you to practice a maneuver you just learned. Another thing that stood out to me was the fact that Mr. Scott includes a view of the sticks on the transmitter and how to manipulate them to complete the maneuver that is being instructed."

- Products Review

"For a while, I thought you were "giving away the store" with your online lessons. That was until I (ordered the Manual) got half way through your book. Almost the entire last half is particularly good material about Landing. I think now using my Simulator with the complete information you've provided on setting up the alignment for Landing, and under adverse wind conditions (including crosswinds), that I will get very proficient with all of the concepts in your Manual and be able to solo on the 2nd or 3rd time out. I am in debt to you for making available excellent self-teaching materials!!"

- Barry Adkins. Richmond, TX

"I have been out of the game for several years, so there is a fair amount that I need to relearn. I have your sim booklet to work with and it has been a great help. I would love to attend your school. I am sure the school would be worth every penny, as are your books."

- Sam Cheatham. Golden, CO

"Coupled with his training manuals and syllabus, David Scott knew how to adjust the program to make my simulator really effective as a valuable training tool. I don't think you could keep them on the shelf when the true potential of realistic flight simulation and professional flight training and manuals are discovered. Then the reviewers will be talking about the planes and how they fly, not about the landscape."

- Capt. Woodie Woods. Elgonquin, IL

"A few weeks ago I attended your aerobatic course with another flyer. It seems both of us had purchased your training manual about the same time. However, my classmate had the advantage of using your training manual info on his flight simulator prior to our classes. His advantage over me at school was obvious."

- Tony Biach. Silver Cliff, WI

"After reading about the "beginner death spiral" (holding aileron input too long) on your site, I was able to exponentially increase my succesful "Sodfield" landings with Real Flight! This may not sound to exciting, but it was solid progress that can only be attributed to reading your book. Thanks!"

- John McCallum. Highland park, IL

"I found "One Week to Solo" extremely helpful when learning to fly, especially when applying the sound principles using an RC simulator."

- Mark Rossi. Elk River, MN