One Week to Solo flight training manual

The central Solo techniques that all good flyers use are brought to the forefront and systematically assembled to enable beginning R/C pilots to achieve Solo in the shortest amount of time.

Utilizing the DAS System, techniques designed to bypass common errors and enhance practice effectiveness focus the pilot's attention on controlling what the airplane does instead of reacting to it. (Consider that when a pilot applies his or her control inputs correctly to begin with, the need for additional corrections is less likely, and the more time there will be to focus on learning and the next maneuver.)

Presented in an easy to follow crawl-walk-run format, lessons are explained in terms of what to do, how to do it, and why it is done this way to make the lessons easier to remember and incorporate into actual practice.

Developed over 20 years professionally training student pilots how to fly in less than a week, One Week To Solo covers everything a novice pilot needs to know to quickly start flying with skill and confidence.

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Straight Lines and Course Adjustments

Altitude Control

Control Inputs

  • Introduction
  • Course Adjustment Bump Input
  • Procedure Turn Aileron Bank
  • Procedure Turn Elevator
  • Procedure Turn Elevator Adjustments
  • Procedure Turn Correction
  • Full Pro. Turn and Plan B Inputs
  • Procedure Turn Restart
  • Bump and Procedure Turn Exercise
  • Tightening Turns

First Flight Positioning

  • Introduction 
  • Comfortable View Warmup
  • Wind, Projecting Flight Paths, and O.A.A.W 
  • Body Rotation and L/R Coordination
  • Push away/Pull in Technique
  • Oscillation Comment

Stage 1: Landing Pattern

  • Introduction
  • Overflying Runway Centerline
  • Lineup Perspectives
  • Base Leg Turn Target
  • Base Leg Turn Correction
  • Landing Pattern Summary

Stage 2: Lowering Pattern

  • Introduction
  • Lowering Pattern and Throttle
  • Low Pass Go Around
  • Low Pass Setup Sequence
  • First Landing


  • Introduction
  • Standard Takeoff Sequence
  • Entering the Pattern
  • Establishing a Level Pattern
  • Short Field Takeoff and Lower Pattern
  • Trimming Rules-of-thumb
  • Pre-Takeoff Exercise

Landing Setup

  • Introduction
  • Wind Effects Upon Landing Approach
  • Landing Setup Sequence
  • Base Leg Turn
  • Approach
  • Idle
  • Landing by the Numbers
  • Landing Quiz

Overshoot / Undershoot

  • Introduction
  • Go Around
  • Overshoot
  • Overshoot Compensation
  • Undershoot and Powered Approach

Landing Flare

  • Introduction
  • Standard and Ballooned Flare
  • High Flare and Bounce



Here's what people are saying about the One Week to Solo manual:

"It takes knowledge to learn without crashing. The 1st U.S. R/C Flight School manuals are a great way to gain that knowledge. Each manual is well detailed and explains each lesson with excellent illustrations. For each lesson, matching stick movements are highlighted so that you can practice before you take to the air. Armed with an instructor and these manuals, your flight experiences will be more rewarding."

- Rick Bell. Editor, Model Airplane News

"Dave believes there are two basic types of flyers. Most club flyers are "Reactors" who watch what the airplane is doing and react to deviations. By definition, they are slightly behind the airplane. For a "Reactor", improvement takes lots of practice and fuel for incremental improvements. I had been flying like this. On the other hand, "Controllers" anticipate the appropriate corrections to prevent the deviation before it occurs. They are thinking ahead of the airplane. An important part of being a "Controller" is identifying which corrections need to be made ahead of time. This is the heart of the DAS (David A. Scott) system in his manuals, and used at the flight school."

- Ken Weddell. Fremont, MI

"I recently ordered a copy of your DAS System Flight Instruction Manual, in order to improve my skills on the RealFlight simulator. I am very happy to inform you that the techniques described in your manual have been of great help to me. So much so, I am now able to land my airplane perfectly almost every time, while previously I had great difficulty in making a proper approach. I am now much more confident of taking my first plane (a SIG Kadet LT-40) to the flying field. Congratulations to you and your team for producing such a wonderfully illustrated and excellent manual. Thanks again for a great manual which is worth every cent."

- Dr. Chitter Venkat. Wichita, KS

"I think now using my Simulator with the complete information you've provided on setting up the alignment for Landing, and under adverse wind conditions (including crosswinds), that I will get very proficient with all of the concepts in your Manual and be able to solo on the 2nd or 3rd time out. I am in debt to you for making available excellent self-teaching materials!!"

- Barry Adkins. Richmond, TX

"Your Manual has provided me with the methods to make productive use of my simulator. I expect that when I fly, I will know exactly what I need to do without giving it much thought, and that is what I'm aiming for."

- Dick Talley. Hudson, OH

"Dave I just wanted to let you know the manual is great. I have found it very useful, and helpful. I had an experienced flyer help me out with the first few flights. What was amazing was the things I picked up from your manual and described to him have changed the way he flies now. If a person never did anything else when learning to fly R/C but read your manual it would be the best thing they ever did."

- Carl Anderson. Wauseon, OH

"WOW!!!!  You have absolutely taken RC instruction to the top!!!  Your manuals are more professional than the full scale ground school guides I have seen."

- Brian Bychowski. DU-BRO Products

"Everything is very clear. The basic manual contains information that would be valuable for any level of flyer."

- Woodie Woods. Algonquin, IL

"I just wanted you to know how much benefit I received from your flight manual. After practicing on the sim until I could do the things in your book, I was able to fly two 5 minute flights with no outside assistance."

- Jeff Steinberg. Posen, IL

"The DAS SYSTEM is laid out in a step by step format that is easy to follow. It helped me keep track of my progress until I put it all together and soloed without any trouble."

- Archie Paez. Jacksonville, FL

"Thank you for the instruction manual. By following the instructions, I successfully flew my model on my own on the first flight."

- Norman. NY, NY

"Due to your manual, I know I can fly my model. The manual will be an excellent reference to allow me to refresh my good flying principles as needed."

- Paul Moore. Plymouth, MN

"I'm so impressed with what you have done. This should be a big seller. I've attended other ground schools and I can't get over how easy Your Manual is to understand."

- Mark Fletcher. Oshkosh, WI

"I certainly have not found any other learn to fly books (or anything else) that incorporates learning to fly into a step by step system. I now feel prepared to enter my flights with a plan."

- Ray Courtney. Liberal, KS

"We were very impressed with your Flight Training Manual. The quality shows in 112 pages full of text and first class step by step illustrations on a very good grade of paper. Will be looking forward to more from you."

- Dick Kidd. Technical Editor, RCM

"After reading the first section of the manual (precise turning), my understanding of the input sequence and the flight results is much clearer, and my turns are more level and more uniform (I was previously combining aileron and elevator; the concept of the neutral stick position was unknown to me, as was its value). If that is an indication of things to come (and I believe it is), my future looks brighter than at any time since I started it four years ago. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I have invested in this hobby, the few dollars I spent last week on your books may be the best money I ever spent. These manuals may literally save the hobby for me."

- Bill Reynolds. Independence, MO

"The bottom line for any service is did you get your moneys worth and was it worth the time? The answer to both is definitely yes. I will recommend the school to new students. I would also say buying the flight book in advance was a great help. I think all beginners should study this book so they have an idea what they are trying to do when on the buddy box."

- John O'Keefe. Springfield, IL

"My husband has so enjoyed your book - it probably was worth double the price! Already he has found numerous good tips in it to improve his flying."

- Margorie Dunne. Norcross, GA

"I really enjoyed the first volume I received. Although I have soloed a few years back, It doesn't hurt to have some professional help, and your Manual sure did that. I'm really looking forward to the Aerobatic Manual. Now all I have to do is get to Shawano..."

- Wilbert Krizmanich. Columbia, MD

"Your new manual is very impressive. Keep up the good (spell that GREAT) work. Based on the way you have laid out your lessons, you are without a doubt the best "teacher" that I have seen in my 33 years in education."

- Rich Hardt. Bremen, IN

"Just a quick note to thank you once again for the Manual. Your points are great. Especially the ‘Bump' and the ‘Procedure Turn'. Now I know why I've had so many crashes."

- Lee Peters. Bigfork, MT

"I recently purchased a copy of your "Primary Flight Training" Manual. It is the best, by far, explanation of R/C that I have come across. I recently ordered your basic aerobatics manual and look forward to receiving more excellent instruction"

- Tom Kosier. Jupiter, FL

"There's no other source that comes close to explaining why and how things should be done like your Manual. It's like everyone else has to guard the secrets I need to know. Keep up the great work."

- Eddie Petterson. Pittsburgh, PA

"Hi David - Thanks for a great week - I've briefed the father and son I talked to you about on your flight school with very high recommendations. I will also recommend that they get the RC simulator and your primary training manual and apply your methods and procedure rather than playing it like a video game and developing bad habits."

- Glenn Dye. Saukville, WI

"Thanks David, your system really works. I learned so much and continue to learn as I reread the manual which reinforces what you taught us."

- Tom Harris. Ajax, ONT

"If I learn half as much when I attend the school as I have learned in the past two days since receiving your manual, I'll no doubt become an expert!"

- Mike Weathers. St. Louis, MO

"Your Instruction Guides could not be more clear and understandable. You're the best!"

- Ralph Barney. Salt Lake City, UT

"I found your book as a very useful guide for beginning on a flight simulator. It's very well written and presented."

- Fred Drummond. Pass Christian, MS

"I am looking forward to receiving your book. I have already used some of the techniques from your posting excerpts of the book, and have noted a dramatic improvement on my sim flights! Thanks again."

- Michael Pad. Bloomfield, MI

"As the "club instructor", I'm currently negotiating with our club officers to purchase several copies of your "Primary Solo" training manual for our student pilots. I'm certain it will make my job easier."

- Tony Biach. Silver Cliff, WI

"When I was trained a few years ago I wasn't put through a "structured class". They would just take the plane up and hand it over! I and a few members feel that a structured training plan/course is the way to go. However, implementing one may not be easy when "everyone is an expert" and have their own opinion on what's the best way. Since learning from your manuals, I'm going to walk my students through your manuals step by step, and get the fulfillment of showing/teaching this great sport of ours the right way!"

- Nicholas Scott. Atlanta, GA

"The Flight Training Manuals have arrived, thank you! They are absolutely great, I've learned a lot already just by reading. As with all things that look simple you must have spent a lot of effort in producing these."

- Paul Child. Oxford, UK

"I find the illustrations in most publications nothing more than pretty pictures with absolutely no stick positioning information - no real help. So I would like to commend you on your approach at publishing your manual. I have not seen anything that is comparable."

- Bryan Smith. Houston, TX

"These books are awesome! If a person wants to learn to fly, the best thing he can do is get these books."

- Al's Hobby Shop. Elmhurst, IL

"For those flyers that are interested in Dave Scott's flying method and are not able to attend his flight school, he has 4 flight training manuals. All of the books build on each other and explain how to crawl-walk-run as taught at the flight school."

- Ken Weddell. Fremont, MI

"I purchased your "Primary Flight Training Manual" about a year ago - GREAT BOOK!! It has helped me tremendously to fly better!"

- Tim Weathers. Atlanta, GA