Sport Aerobatics R/C flight training manual

Accelerated basic aerobatic flight training

Due to the success each year of the Primary course, over half of 1st U.S. R/C Flight School’s classes are dedicated to prior Solo students returning for Aerobatic training. During these classes a Basic Aerobatics training program has been developed that increases practice effectiveness and instills the skills needed to effect a more satisfying and fun R/C piloting experience for years to come.

Utilizing the DAS System, Sport Aerobatics teaches the advancing pilot to view aerobatic maneuvers as a series of predictable steps, with an emphasis on controlling what the airplane does instead of reacting to it.

Learn everything you need to know to perform exciting maneuvers such as loops, rolls, Immelmanns, Cuban 8’s, reverse Cuban 8’s, 4 and 8-Point hesitation rolls, and more.

Presented in an easy to follow crawl-walk-run format, and featuring many full page illustrations and matching stick positions, Sport Aerobatics is fun to read and even more fun to apply.

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Sport Airplane Guidelines

Improving Performance

Getting Airborne


  • Introduction
  • Loop Sequence
  • Loop Setup
  • Initiating a Vertical Plane
  • Where to Look

Aileron Roll

  • Introduction
  • Roll Sequence
  • Roll Setup
  • Sequencing the Steps
  • Throttle/Speed Influence
  • The Process of Reflection
  • Roll Consistency
  • Summary to this point
  • When Results Count

Immelmann Turnaround

  • Introduction
  • Immelmann Sequence
  • Positioning Considerations
  • Pausing Between the Steps
  • Reflection and Conclusion

Cuban 8

  • Introduction
  • Half Cuban 8 Sequence
  • Looping Over the Top
  • Establishing the Downline
  • Corrections and Adjustments
  • Turnarounds to this point
  • Full Cuban 8 Warmup
  • Cuban 8 Sequence
  • Cuban Key Points

Reverse Cuban 8

  • Introduction
  • Half Reverse Cuban 8 Sequence
  • Pulling Up to the 45
  • Establishing the 45
  • Upline Finer Points
  • Notable Advantages
  • Summary to this point
  • Full Reverse Cuban 8 Warmup
  • Reverse Cuban 8 Sequence

Hesitation Rolls

  • Introduction
  • 4-Point Roll Sequence
  • Timing the Points
  • 8-Point Roll Sequence
  • Keeping Track of the Points

Assembling an Aerobatic Sequence

  • Introduction
  • Assembling a Sequence
  • Starter Sequences and Trouble Shooting
  • Cuban Variations
  • Double Roll and Split S
  • Becoming Well Rounded
  • ORT (Opposite Roll Turn)
  • Sport Aerobatic Conclusion
  • Sample Practice Sequence
  • Blank Aresti Sheet


Here's what people are saying about the Sports Aerobatics manual:

"I'm so impressed by how clearly you organize the lessons and how easy you make it to learn. How the maneuvers were flown seemed to be a closely guarded secret in the sport. Now I feel I have the foundation to do just about anything with practice. Keep up the good work."

- Bob Yeager. Casper, WY

"Your Manual is the best, by far, explanation of R/C flying that I have ever come across. I've already sent in my order for your next book and I look forward to receiving more excellent instruction!"

- Tom Kosier. Jupiter, FL

"Contrary to what everyone else says when they comment on a product, when I find something I like, I like to tell people about it. In this case, I purchased your "Sport Aerobatic" and "Intermediate Aerobatic" manuals, and I wanted to let you know they're fantastic! I've read both books through at least twice now. I've flown three times since I received the books and have improved every time. Excellent advice, clear - concise information, great illustrations, all presented in an easy to reference, easy to understand manual. A home run! Thanks for your work preparing these excellent learning tools. I'll spread the word to fellow flyers in my corner of the world."

- Steve Chaffee. Trabuco Flyers, CA

"Thanks to your training I had a great summer going to the field each day with a specific goal.  Having a practice plan made learning new stuff enjoyable and much easier to accomplish.  I switched to my Astro Hog half way through the season to work on the maneuvers featured in your second book.  What a difference knowing how to execute the maneuvers beforehand made on my practice and figuring out where I needed to improve."

- Dave Coutie.  Oshawa, Canada

"WOW!!!!  You have absolutely taken RC instruction to the top!!!  Your manuals are more professional than the full scale ground school guides I have seen."

- Brian Bychowski. DU-BRO Products

"I got the manuals in the other day.  All I have to say is WOW!  What a superb product.  I'm highly impressed with the quality as well as the information and how it's presented.  Amazing job putting this together.  I'm sure these kids are going to have a GREAT resource.  I'm going to show the local AMA Chapter as well and have them look into getting the club price or something because these are fantastic."

- Mike Valler. BOYS & GIRLS CLUB of Greater New Bedford, MA

"Your books are excellent. The illustrations are great and the way you have broken down the lessons logically makes the information easy to apply in the air. Anyone who wants to learn to fly the right way needs to read your books."

- Mark Trent. XFC Extreme 3D Aerobatic Champion

"I’ve really enjoyed the books that I have used to date and look forward to getting your other two books, particularly Precision Aerobatics, so I can start using the rudder and working on wind corrections.  One Week to Solo made my initial training much more effective, and helped me get into some good habits and attitudes.  In the same way, I am finding Basic Aerobatics to be really useful preparing for the IMAC Basic competition level. There are some fantastic people at our club and they all find your books to be a great resource."

- Pierre Coulombe. Ottawa, Canada

"The great thing about having your books is I always have a reference to keep me on track. Now that I’ve attended the school, when I read your books all is there but has new meaning. The books are great and I am anxious to share them with some open minded flying friends who currently mostly wander about the sky aimlessly."

- Ray H. Erie, PA

I think your lessons are on the money. Well thought out and logical. There are items in there I need to work on, and I fly Masters level precision aerobatics!

- Bob Kane. National Society of Radio Control Aerobatics District 4 Vice President

"Dave Scott takes his full scale knowledge, combines it with his RC skills, and writes a masterpiece. All the books in his series help pilots see the forest through the trees, and add a perspective that will take years to come by on your own. Why re-invent the wheel when you can take from his years of instruction, and build on it from there.

Pros: Excellent Information, very well written. 
Cons: Shows you how much you don't know."

- Pride Grimm. High Point, NC

"The manuals are terrific!!! They are very informative and I especially like the detailed and intuitive illustrations.  There are so many things that I was not aware that make so much sense the way you explain them.  I have been flying for about 6 years and just not progressing the way I felt I should have.  I have no doubt that my flying will progress leaps and bounds with all that your books have taught me."

- Glenn Kotch

"Dave believes there are two basic types of flyers. Most club flyers are "Reactors" who watch what the airplane is doing and react to deviations. By definition, they are slightly behind the airplane. For a "Reactor", improvement takes lots of practice and fuel for incremental improvements. I had been flying like this. On the other hand, "Controllers" anticipate the appropriate corrections to prevent the deviation before it occurs. They are thinking ahead of the airplane. An important part of being a "Controller" is identifying which corrections need to be made ahead of time. This is the heart of the DAS (David A. Scott) system in his manuals, and used at the flight school."

- Ken Weddell. Fremont, MI

"I can't tell you enough how great I've found your manual to be. Your manual describes me and the problems I was having perfectly, and I'm amazed how simple you've made the solutions. After practicing everything in your book on my simulator until it was automatic, my confidence and flying at the club field has vastly improved. When you finish your next book, I'll take five copies!"

- Rusty Billings. Lakewood, WI

"I made more progress in the 10 months applying your sport aerobatics system than I had in the previous 5 years."

- Dan Hammon. Bountiful, UT

"I just had to tell you how impressed I am with your manuals. The quality and  the content is great and I am so happy to have stumbled upon your  site and ordered these books. I am certain that they will be put to  good use. Based on what I have seen with your manuals, your school must be top notch."

- Bill Sneddon. Waretown, NJ

"I think you have excellent manuals.  I read through a couple of the online versions, and I found them to be extremely well written and informative.  I've learned several new ways to look at some aerobatic maneuvers the next time I go to the field.  That's the mark of an excellent article, in my opinion."

- Bob Lavey

"Your “Mastering the loop” write up in Model Aviation was really the best I’ve seen. Nice job!"

- Mick Van Kampen

"I have a very positive impression of your school, through my experience judging some of your students in contests. Your student Todd Siegel's performance is well above average for his experience. Much of that is the training he received from you. I've also reviewed the manuals from your school and was very pleased with the content."

- Ron Lockhart. AMA Aerobatics Director & 2005 Advanced Nats Champion

"It takes knowledge to learn without crashing. The 1st U.S. R/C Flight School manuals are a great way to gain that knowledge. Each manual is well detailed and explains each lesson with excellent illustrations. For each lesson, matching stick movements are highlighted so that you can practice before you take to the air. Armed with an instructor and these manuals, your flight experiences will be more rewarding."

- Rick Bell. Editor, Model Airplane News

"You asked for my evaluation of your new book and all I can say is it's excellent and I wouldn't change a thing. I tell people that if they read these books they'll win their class!"

- Eric Henderson. Aerobatics Column, Model Aviation

"Well Dave you've done it again. The new manual is great. You are a leader and I am proud to tell you that again."

- John Wall. Solon, IA

"I find the illustrations in most publications nothing more than pretty pictures with absolutely no stick positioning information - no real help. So I would like to commend you on your approach at publishing your manual. I have not seen anything that is comparable."

- Bryan Smith. Houston, TX

"Your books are the best kept secret in R/C. I don't think you could keep them on the shelf when the true potential of professional flight training syllabuses are discovered. Then people will be talking about making progress instead of all the talk about crashing."

- Woodie Woods. Algonquin, IL

"David, you are 100% on target. By following the lessons in the book, I now have much more confidence controlling my airplane in any attitude, and for the first time I feel like I'm controlling the airplane versus it controlling me."

- David Duys. Philadelphia, PA

"Your sport aerobatic manual is packed with invaluable information that I could find no where else. Previously I had been trying to learn new maneuvers with little idea of how they where performed and no idea what to expect. The DAS System has helped me greatly "see" how the maneuvers are constructed and flown. I now look forward to entering my practice flights fully knowing what to expect. You should be very proud of what you have put together. Let me know as soon as you complete your next book and I'll order it right away."

- Robert Weller. Wausau, WI

"Your Manual has provided me with the methods to make productive use of my simulator. I expect that when I fly, I will know exactly what I need to do without giving it much thought, and that is what I'm aiming for."

- Dick Talley. Hudson, OH

"I have been following the advice of other pilots at my club. However, I just couldn't get the maneuvers right, and worse yet I couldn't get ahead of my plane. I purchased the DAS SYSTEM of SPORT AEROBATIC FLIGHT. I couldn't believe this manual. It was talking about every area where I am/was having problems. The first flight after reading the manual was "the most comfortable" flight that I ever had. I was controlling the bird and staying in front of the plane and accomplishing some very nice half Cuban's (never knew the name before), loops, and rolls. A great big THANKS!"

- Nicholas Scott. Tquila, GA

"For those flyers that are interested in Dave Scott's flying method and are not able to attend his flight school, he has 4 flight training manuals. All of the books build on each other and explain how to crawl-walk-run as taught at the flight school."

- Ken Weddell. Fremont, MI

"A few weeks ago I attended your aerobatic course with another flyer. It seems both of us had purchased your training manual about the same time. However, my classmate had the advantage of using your training manual info on his flight simulator prior to our classes. His advantage over me at school was obvious."

- Tony Biach. Silver Cliff, WI

"I prepared for the course by reading and reviewing the Sport Aerobatics Flight Training manual. This 'pre-work' and preparation was essential to give me a sneak preview of what I was going to learn during the 4 day session, as well as an excellent review for me each evening. The manual is written in a concise and logical way that builds on each day's accomplishments.....your 'Crawl, Walk, Run' approach to R/C flying."

- Jeff Wallach. Dallas, TX