Precision Aerobatics flight training manual

Accelerated intermediate aerobatic flight training

Precision Aerobatics is an invaluable reference for those seeking to quickly advance their flying skills and serves as an excellent guide for instructor-coaches.

This book builds into the sport flyer's flight the natural progression of refinements needed to take flying to a whole new level of enjoyment and accomplishment. With nearly half its content addressing the proper uses of Rudder to prevail over Wind and engine torque, this manual will provide an immediate and significant boost for flyers whose skills have become stagnant.

Rather than another rehash of the maneuvers, Precision Aerobatics serves as a flight training system. Hundreds of detailed illustrations and control stick positions guide advancing flyers step-by-step through each phase of learning to fly better maneuvers.

Utilizing the DAS System, you will be amazed to learn how much has been eluding your attention, and then by how much easier it is to fly the maneuvers staying ahead of deviations instead of correcting them after the fact! 

Maneuvers taught include:

  • Horizontal rolls
  • Consecutive rolls
  • 4 and 8-point hesitation rolls
  • Round loops
  • Immelmanns
  • Split S
  • Cuban 8's
  • Reverse Cuban 8's
  • and more.
  • All with appropriate rudder and throttle adjustments.

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Intermediate Airplane Guidelines

Refined Rolls

  • Introduction
  • Horizontal Roll Sequence
  • Building a Good Start
  • Timing the Bump of Down
  • Horizontal Roll Warmup
  • Building a Horizontal Roll
  • Consecutive Rolls Sequence
  • Building Consecutive Rolls
  • 4-Point Roll Sequence
  • Building a 4-point Roll
  • All Roll Processes

Symmetry of Loops and Lines

  • Introduction
  • Anatomy of a Pinched Loop
  • Floating Over the Top
  • Immelmann Sequence
  • Reverse Immelmann Sequence
  • Half Cuban 8 Sequence
  • Holding the 45
  • Half Reverse Cuban 8 Sequence
  • Holding the 45
  • Balanced 45s
  • Summary of Refined Cubans

Rudder Applications

  • Introduction
  • X-wind (crosswind) Drift Loop
  • X-wind Drift Turnaround
  • Escalating X-wind Drift Scenarios
  • Basic X-wind Rudder Correction
  • Stock X-wind Corrections

Cuban 8 X-wind Corrections

  • Introduction
  • Anticipating Wind Corrections
  • Correcting Med. X-wind Blowing AWAY
  • Other End of Field
  • P-factor Influence
  • Other End of Field
  • Medium X-wind Blowing IN
  • Other End of Field
  • Light and Strong X-wind Corrections

Reverse Cuban 8 X-wind Corrections

  • Introduction
  • Reverse Perspective
  • Stock X-wind Corrections
  • Determining Rudder Direction
  • Correcting Med. X-wind Blowing IN
  • Other End of Field
  • Medium X-wind Blowing AWAY
  • Other End of Field
  • Light and Strong X-wind Corrections

Center Maneuvers X-wind Corrections

  • Full Cuban 8 X-wind Warmup
  • Full Cuban 8 X-wind Corrections
  • Full Reverse Cuban X-wind Warmup
  • Full Reverse Cuban Wind Corrections
  • Inside Loop X-wind Correction

P-factor Corrections

  • Introduction
  • Basic P-factor Rudder Correction
  • Half Cuban P-factor Correction
  • Loop and Rev. Cuban P-factor Corrections
  • Float and Trim Influences
  • Negative P-factor
  • Inside-Outside Cuban 8
  • Quartering X-wind Corrections
  • Light and Variable X-winds

P-factor Corrections

  • Introduction
  • Basic P-factor Rudder Correction
  • Half Cuban P-factor Correction
  • Loop and Rev. Cuban P-factor Corrections
  • Float and Trim Influences
  • Negative P-factor
  • Inside-Outside Cuban 8
  • Quartering X-wind Corrections
  • Light and Variable X-winds

"I know quality when I see it and really enjoy telling my readers about good stuff. 1st U.S. R/C Flight School is selling an educational and much needed Intermediate (Precision) Aerobatics flight-training manual. Professionally written, the graphics are as large as the pages, and the text is easy to read. Based on reading the book and going out and trying the directions, I can tell you that it contains great advice. I recommend that you use the book with a friend. Working in pairs, you could coach each other through a whole series of improvements in your flying."

- Eric Henderson. Aerobatics Column, Model Aviation

"Contrary to what everyone else says when they comment on a product, when I find something I like, I like to tell people about it. In this case, I purchased your "Sport Aerobatic" and "Intermediate Aerobatic" manuals, and I wanted to let you know they're fantastic! I've read both books through at least twice now. I've flown three times since I received the books and have improved every time. Excellent advice, clear - concise information, great illustrations, all presented in an easy to reference, easy to understand manual. A home run! Thanks for your work preparing these excellent learning tools. I'll spread the word to fellow flyers in my corner of the world."

- Steve Chaffee. Trabuco Flyers, CA

"Wow! The new book is brilliant! You need to get the word out. There's nothing else like it available in the sport. This book would be a tremendous help to several flyers I know. It's been a great help to me."

- Capt. Woodie Woods. Algonquin, IL

"Your books are excellent. The illustrations are great and the way you have broken down the lessons logically makes the information easy to apply in the air. Anyone who wants to learn to fly the right way needs to read your books."

- Mark Trent. XFC Extreme 3D Aerobatic Champion

"Dave Scott takes his full scale knowledge, combines it with his RC skills, and writes a masterpiece. All the books in his series help pilots see the forest through the trees, and add a perspective that will take years to come by on your own. Why re-invent the wheel when you can take from his years of instruction, and build on it from there.

Pros: Excellent Information, very well written. 
Cons: Shows you how much you don't know."

- Pride Grimm. High Point, NC

"Dave believes there are two basic types of flyers. Most club flyers are "Reactors" who watch what the airplane is doing and react to deviations. By definition, they are slightly behind the airplane. For a "Reactor", improvement takes lots of practice and fuel for incremental improvements. I had been flying like this. On the other hand, "Controllers" anticipate the appropriate corrections to prevent the deviation before it occurs. They are thinking ahead of the airplane. An important part of being a "Controller" is identifying which corrections need to be made ahead of time. This is the heart of the DAS (David A. Scott) system in his manuals, and used at the flight school."

- Ken Weddell. Fremont, MI

"Thank you for the prompt service. I just received your training manual and I can't put it down. This is excellent!!! It is just what I need to get me off that plateau I'm stuck on."

- Tim Karash. Isanti, MN

"The great thing about having your books is I always have a reference to keep me on track. Now that I’ve attended the school, when I read your books all is there but has new meaning. The books are great and I am anxious to share them with some open minded flying friends who currently mostly wander about the sky aimlessly."

- Ray H. Erie, PA

"The books are brilliant. I wish I had them to start off with 6 months ago as I would have understood with more clarity what I was doing wrong. The books make things very simple to understand and progress at a very steady rate."

- Stephen Colclough. Queensland, Australia

"I think your new book is excellent. It's clear that a tremendous amount of teaching experience and dedication went into it."

- Earnest Waud. Lake Forest, IL

"The 1st U.S. R/C Flight School manuals are a great way to gain knowledge. Armed with these manuals, your flight experience will be more rewarding."

- Model Airplane News Product Watch

"WOW!!!!  You have absolutely taken RC instruction to the top!!!  Your manuals are more professional than the full scale ground school guides I have seen."

- Brian Bychowski. DU-BRO Products

"The Flight Training Manuals are absolutely great, I've learned a lot already just by reading. As with all things that look simple you must have spent a lot of effort in producing these."

- Paul Child. Oxford, UK

"The Precision and Advanced Aerobatic Manuals are the best things written on the subject that I have ever seen."

- Kimmo. Finland 

"The new book is very clear and comes across the same way you teach. I think Intermediate Precision Aerobatics will be a great seller to those who really want to become good flyers."

- James Glowania. Elk Grove, IL

"I must commend you on your Intermediate Aerobatic publication. The work presents a labor of immense proportions. The maneuver explanations are presented in a very understandable way due to the clarity of presentation and well supported by the drawings. Extremely well done in every aspect!!! The P-Factor stuff was a real eye-opener as I had never even considered this compensation, but something I will give a try, and thanks for bringing it to my attention. In my overall opinion I find that a serious sport pilot would benefit immensely by availing himself of the advanced instruction contained in your volume of work. To me, it represents a fantastically insightful instructive tool that no pilot should be without."

- George Kennie. Professional Nats Judge

"I find the illustrations in most publications nothing more than pretty pictures with absolutely no stick positioning information - no real help. So I would like to commend you on your approach at publishing your manual. I have not seen anything that is comparable."

- Bryan Smith. Houston, TX

"I think you have excellent manuals.  I read through a couple of the online versions, and I found them to be extremely well written and informative.  I've learned several new ways to look at some aerobatic maneuvers the next time I go to the field.  That's the mark of an excellent article, in my opinion."

- Bob Lavey

"The Intermediate manual is awesome! I can't put it down. The controlling the airplane versus reacting methodology is very clear and super interesting. I'm amazed to find out how much more a person needs to know to fly an airplane well. I will contact you to sign up to take the aerobatics course next year."

- Bela Ballo. Gates Mills, OH

"I enjoyed reviewing this book for the magazine and learned a number of new things myself."

- Bob Hunt. Editor, Model Airplane News

"Your system of balance, wing incidence, trimming, engine thrust angles, explanations of slip stream, P-factor, when and why and how much to wind correct, elevator bump to roll, the snap, are all right on the mark. Many of the best pilots I know, don't understand the flight principles that you outline. Your work is becoming the National Standard to resolve airfield arguments. I honestly recommend you manuals to all that fly R.C.."

- Grant Sharp. Contest Dir. Pacific Coast Freestyle Championships

"I received the Intermediate Flight Manual last Friday, boy is it Great. I stayed up most of the night checking & rechecking the incidence on the plane and making sure I had the right amount of Right thrust & Down thrust according to the very clear instructions in the manual."

- James Boyden. Northwood, IA

"I have your previous manuals and think they're great, and I'm very excited about getting your new Precision Aerobatics manual."

- Hachul, Si. South Korea

"You asked for my evaluation of your new book and all I can say is it's excellent and I wouldn't change a thing. I tell people that if they read these books they'll win their class!"

- Eric Henderson. Aerobatics Column, Model Aviation

"Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your intermediate aerobatics manual. I currently fly in the Basic class at IMAC events, and every maneuver we fly is explained in terms even I can understand. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to review your manual and improve. Gosh, I might even move up to Sportsman."

- Dan Barrick. Rosholt, WI

"I have to say that the amount of technical advice and knowledge in the manual is impressive. It is obvious to me that you are a student of piloting and have mastered many technical aspects. I'm going to recommend your book to my members."

- Rich Fletcher. IMAC Coach & Former Nats Expert Pattern Champion

"I observe the absolutely abysmal state of most flight instruction for modelers. Even contest caliber modelers can't seem to grasp the function of the rudder control in all phases of flight - including crosswind take off and landing technique. Just as in full size flying - proper instruction (making the airplane do what the PILOT wants it to do as opposed to accepting whatever the plane wants to do and sorta guiding it around) is the only way to learn consistency. Your program indicates an understanding of proper instruction - 99% of articles on flight training that I read in trade pubs is utter garbage. I find your program truly worthwhile and would recommend it to aspiring modelers."

- Phil Sibille. Nats, Top Gun, & Masters Champion

"I am very impressed with the clarity of your work on flight training aerobatics. Your directions on flying a round loop are simple and the most understandable I've encountered. I am now reconstructing my plane to your specifications on wing and stab incidence, and confirm your engine thrust discussion. Your explanation is the clearest I have seen on the outcome of p-factor and the need to correct it with engine thrust. Great Job!"

- Grant Sharp. IMAC Challenge CD

"I have a very positive impression of your school, through my experience judging some of your students in contests. Your student Todd Siegel's performance is well above average for his experience. Much of that is the training he received from you. I've also reviewed the manuals from your school and was very pleased with the content."

- Ron Lockhart. AMA Aerobatics Director & 2005 Advanced Nats Champion