Heli Flight Training

  1. Setup and Ground School
  2. Primary Flight Training
  3. Basic & Intermediate Aerobatics

From the world's #1 source for accelerated R/C flight instruction, Heli Flight Trainingmanual is a complete flight training system utilizing concise text descriptions and hundreds of illustrations with control stick diagrams to guide both new and experienced helicopter pilots step by step through each phase of becoming a better pilot.

Section I (Setup and Ground School) describes techniques to optimize your helicopter’s handling to promote easier learning and introduces new pilots to basic helicopter control techniques.

Section II (Primary Flight Training) applies the timeless crawl-walk-run approach to learning to fly in order to produce maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Section III (Basic & Intermediate Aerobatics) constructs a foundation of basic aerobatic maneuver components that when brought together make it possible to perform many popular 3D stunts.

Whether you seek the feeling of accomplishment that learning to fly helicopters provides, or the satisfaction that comes from advancing your flying skills, Heli Flight Training will enable you to achieve your goals with unparalleled efficiency.

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Section 2: Sim Training

  • Introduction
  • Flying Site and Practice Rules-of-thumb
  • Initial Hover Agenda
  • Hover Rudder and Landing Advice
  • Basic Hover Maneuvering
  • Rudder Steering and Piro Turnarounds
  • Side Hover
  • Nose-in Hover and 360 Piros
  • Procedure Turns
  • Refined Turns & Figure 8’s
  • Nose-In & Nose-Out Circles
  • Wind Corrections
  • Backward Flight

Section 3: Aerobatics 

  • Stunt Mode Setup
  • Introduction
  • Stall Turns & Vertical Piros
  • Loops
  • Flips and Loop Variations
  • Rolls
  • Side Flips and Slow Rolls
  • Half Cuban Turnaround
  • Reverse Cuban Turnaround.

Hover Ground School

Maneuvering Ground School

  • Side Maneuvering
  • Forward Maneuvering
  • Procedure Turns
  • Fine Tuning Turns
  • Auto-Rotation and Recovery

Real World First Flights

Intermediate Aerobatics


Here's what everyone's saying about the Heli flight training manual:

"I just received the Heli Flight Training Book, looks great! Its actually the very first serious rc heli flight instruction I have come across in the 10 months researching since I started my new hobby"

- Paul Lippner. Baltimore, MD 

"I’m very impressed by the content and presentation in your book “Heli Flight Training by David Scott”. The detailed description of how figures should be flown and how movement should be perform really appealed to me."

- Martijn Wagelaar. The Netherlands

"The RC Flight school heli manual is excellent. I have used their other manuals for some time and find this one just as easy to understand and fun to use. Just finished practicing on my simulator using the heli manual tonight!"

- Austin, Texas

"Another vote for Dave Scotts RC Heli Flight School manual...  Will teach you the concept of flying the heli without overcontrolling it."

- Franz in NJ

"I fully concur --- David Scotts RC Flight School heli manual is first rate training!"

- Pete Smith.  Milwaukee, WI

"I continued to have big problems the larger helis UNTIL I read Dave Scott’s article on how to “Fix bad habits.” WOW what an awakening this was. Once I started using two fingers on the sticks and I am not over correcting and crashing (HALLELUJAH). Thanks again for your terrific articles. I am a very happy camper."

- Ben Gottlieb.  FL

"I really like the book. The drawing are awesome and extremely helpful! Having this information would have saved me multiple times when I was learning to fly."

- Amanda Weldy 
Technical Writer for Horizon Hobby

"Thank you for your excellent heli manual. It explained exactly what I am experiencing. I thought that my helicopter was seriously misaligned, but I see now that anticipating constant quick, yet small, corrections are the key. I so enjoyed the way your explained and illustrated all the points. Thanks again for the excellent instruction."

- Peter Cary

"I am a subscriber to the Radio Control Heli Pilot magazine and read your Heli articles with great interest. You have given me some amazing guidelines, such as, watch the heli overall not just the rotor as I was doing, and make tiny brief inputs.... I was trying to correct in one movement so the heli would tend to roll from side to side rather than hover level. It has greatly helped to also have a flight plan. Previously, I was just taking off and frequently crashing, even though I could fly on my sim.  Sincere Thanks."

- Peter Mangold

"I recently purchased your helicopter manual and want to thank you for authoring this incredibly helpful book for us heli pilots. I've saved a bunch of the articles from Heli Pilot magazine, but this manual gives me a much more thorough and complete set of instructions in one place. Thanks again!"

- Sean Sheeley

"Your heli training manual is amazing. So well written! Many thanks!"

- Andy Soye. UK

"I recently received the heli training manual and I want to congratulate you on producing another great manual!!!"

- Andre Medeiros. Piedade, Brazil

"Your Heli Manual is an excellent book!  Thank you very much."

- Pavel Kharitonov.  Russia

"The helicopter book is awesome!"

- Aram Basmadjian. Macungie, PA