1st U.S. R/C Flight School Trains 1800th Student!

13/January 2010


Thank you so much for a great week! The amount of learning each day went far beyond my expectations. I was particularly pleased when you pointed out the first day all the unnecessary corrections that had crept into my flying that I was not even aware of.  I’ll never forget how quickly I went from making twenty or more corrections while trying to maintain a parallel line to only needing two or three small nudge corrections. Boy does that ever make flying easier!

I was especially struck by how much easier it is to execute Precision Aerobatics paying attention to the control inputs, rather than reacting to the plane, and thereby developing the muscle memory needed for each maneuver and almost effortless flying.  The consistent stick deflections, such as identifying ½ elevator stick deflection for looping maneuvers and 1/3 aileron to initiate turns and rolls took all the guess work out of getting repeatable results.
It was a huge bonus on the third day when you let us bring our planes to the field for a lesson in how to set them up. Even though our setups were close as a result of using your superb Airplane and Radio Setup manual, we learned so much more about fine tuning our setups from you.  I was particularly impressed when you put each of our planes in the air and demonstrated in a step by step fashion how clearly the airplane shows us what changes need to be made until each flew almost effortlessly for our respective skill levels.  Dialed in is an understatement. Your approach is one we will continue to use since returning home.

The highlight of the week was watching you practice in your Pitts as you prepared for the September National Aerobatic Championship.   From the ground, it was amazing to see you putting into practice in full-scale what you had taught us that morning flying RC.

On our final day I was struck by how far my flying had come in a week and that I was doing maneuvers that I thought would only be possible for someone far more skilled than me. But as I look back on the notes I took that day, the secret to my new proficiency was taking advantage of your “4 keys” approach. Particularly, "not fixing" imperfections, but using the imperfections in the maneuvers to teach us what to do differently the next time.  I now use this approach every time I fly.

So some people may ask “Why spend so much money and travel so far to learn?”  There are two answers.  The first answer is that the personal pleasure of putting on an airshow of intentional linked maneuvers is priceless compared to year after year flying aimlessly back and forth doing unconnected maneuvers one at a time.  The second answer is that I think even if you doubled your price it would still be a bargain for the amount of learning achieved.  Time spent with you is a gift that actually keeps on giving because what I learned this summer continues to improve my flying every day.

Thanks for the many happy memories.

Cal Wick
Montchanin, DE