1st U.S. R/C Flight School Trains 1700th Student!

11/January 2010

Hi Dave,

What a great week it was for me. The lessons that you imparted are invaluable. I thought that flying in 30 mph winds was a highlight, until Friday when we greased nearly every landing. Friday definitely drove home your message about the importance of compartmentalizing my flights.

Since I left Shawano, I have been visualizing everything we did. I was chomping at the bit to fly at my field on Saturday…especially when I saw that there would be “high winds” of 10-15mph! I did not take a plane with me however, as I took your advice of letting everything sink in. Instead, I was in observation mode watching how our guys were flying. Wow, what an eye opener! Flying was jerky from thumbs alone on sticks, turns were far from level, lots of poor landing set ups, a few crashes, and numerous complaints about the wind.

As I watched I was thinking “I am certain that I’ll be able to handle the wind without a problem and nail my landings”. Today I checked my Avistar and set up my A/R mixing and made the adjustments you taught us to get it perfect. As an aside, it was a great encouragement to see the other students do so well in the class and I’m sure they will also nail it at their clubs.

You are the master!

Mike Rudney. Philadelphia, PA