1st U.S. R/C Flight School Trains 1500th Student Eric Tadlock!

08/January 2010


I still cannot thank you enough or express how much fun I had at your rc flight school.
The weather here didn't cooperate until a week after getting back to Tennessee.  That did allow me time to re-read the Solo manual and re-set the end points and mix the aileron and rudder on my Avistar per your recommendations.  When the weather cleared, I was able to trim the airplane and practice what I had learned at your school.  The Avistar seemed like a brand new airplane and I now have a new found confidence flying it.
I met up with the club later that week and true to form, I caught some ribbing for going to your school. I guess that I asked for it since, I was proudly wearing a 1st US RC flight school T shirt.  One of our members wanted to change my plane setup and was alarmed that the rudder moved slightly when the aileron stick was moved on the radio.  I told him that I mixed the servos to account for adverse yaw.  He had never heard such a thing and told me that, "the only way to learn to fly is in the air burning lots of gas."  I said, "Thank You" and proceeded to fly my plane as is and practice touch-and-goes.  
Later, that day as the wind picked up and I was told that it probably would be smart if I called it a day.  I managed two more flights with no incidents.  As, I was cleaning up to go home, I heard our club president on the phone talking to someone about me being back from Wisconsin.  I was very proud to hear, "No, he has been flying pretty smooth all day."  I was beaming by the time I got home.
I have managed several more days of event free flying practicing all that you taught us.  Over all, I couldn't be happier.  I have a new found confidence and am no longer behind my plane.  I now have a plan before I fly and stick to it.
Dave, I cannot express my sincere thanks enough for all that you have done for my flying.  I also couldn't have picked two better guys than Irvin and Norm to have been in class with.  We still are emailing each other about once every two weeks about our progress.
Cannot wait to take the aerobatics course next year! 

Eric Tadlock. Kingston, TN 
(1st US RC Flight School Graduate, Alpha Class 2012)