1st U.S. R/C Flight School Trains 1200th Student!

05/January 2010

On May 23, 2008, Marilyn of Minneapolis, MN successfully completed1st U.S. R/C Flight School’s 5-day Primary flight training course, becoming the School’s 1200th student trained! Here is her report:

My husband and I were looking forward to our class at RC Flight School with David Scott and we weren’t disappointed. What a great experience!

We experienced strong winds and crosswinds four of the five days, many times around 25 mph. When we arrived at the field on the first day, we looked at each other aghast, wondering “How are we going to do this?” Dave announced, “We’re jumping in at the deep end!” While this presented challenges, we felt it provided us with invaluable experience, as it gave us confidence to fly on very windy days. On Wednesday, the one calm day we had, flying seemed – pardon the expression – a breeze!

I had little experience with RC flying before our week at flight school. At our class, we spent a lot of time practicing level turns, staying in your pattern and trusting your inputs. As the week progressed, we added takeoffs and landings. When I went to our RC club after returning home, I had a successful flight right away, with a great landing!

At the end of our week, Dave had us fly with the trims completely out of adjustment – an interesting experience and good practice! He also discussed some technical aspects of keeping our planes in good flying condition, which was very helpful. He gave us lots of good advice, and checked a couple of models that we had brought along and set them up for us.

Dave has been teaching RC flight since 1987. He is a very gifted teacher. My husband, who was a complete novice at RC flying, found him very patient and encouraging. It’s a good idea to study Dave’s RC manual, One Week to Solo, before arriving at the flight school; there is a wealth of information in it from a true professional. It’s filled with illustrations and ideas drawn from his vast knowledge of flying that can continue to help you as you progress in your RC career.

With encouragement and individual attention, David Scott provides a wonderful experience where you can learn effective skills you can rely on. If you’re interested in a solid foundation to RC flying – and an enjoyable week – I recommend it highly!

Marilyn Foli, Minneapolis