1st U.S. R/C Flight School Trains 1000th Student!

03/January 2010

On August 26, 2004, Robert Kohler, age 45, of Cedarburg, Wisconsin, an Information Technologies Specialist, successfully completed 1st U.S. R/C Flight School's Primary Solo & Sport Aerobatic flight training courses, becoming the School's 1000th student trained! Here is his report:

August 31, 2004
David A. Scott, Instructor
1ST U.S. R/C Flight School
PO Box 212
Shawano, WI 54166


After reflecting on my experiences during the week of training at 1st US R/C Flight School I felt compelled to send a quick note. As a very demanding consumer, I readily admit that I am almost impossible to completely satisfy. However, I can honestly say that I have never been more satisfied with any investment of my time, energy and money than I am with the training provided by your school. In my analysis, the return on investment will continue to accrue for as long as I am active in the sport.

My previous R/C experience had been limited to eight flights under Club instruction, for which I am very grateful. I also had purchased a copy of your Primary Flight Training Manual in an effort to jump start my training but had trouble relating what I had learned in the club to the DAS principles presented in the manual. I now recognize the fact that I was developing into a reactive flyer, not trusting my inputs or understanding how to apply them to control where the airplane was going and how it would get there. I had basically learned to solo by a “whatever gets you there” approach. I was intimidated by the wind and had many unanswered questions covering a wide range of R/C topics but was uncomfortable imposing anymore on my instructor. I also began to get confused with conflicting information I overheard at the field, read from magazines and from R/C forums and certainly didn’t have enough knowledge or experience to decipher fact from fiction.

It was at this point that I decided to attend your Primary Flight Training class. The investment of time, money and energy in the sport had reached the point where ensuring long term enjoyment clearly hinged on building a solid foundation for growth based on knowledge, skills and proven techniques.

Right away I was most impressed by your flexibility and the absolute commitment to our success. The information presented during ground school was clear and concise. Each flight on Monday was progressively better and I soon became very comfortable and quickly gained confidence due to the clear, calm and procedural instruction and coaching you provided. The DAS principles I read about in the Primary Flight Training Manual were becoming crystal clear!

Tuesday marked my Solo day with repeated successful take-off and landings. When you mentioned that I would be flying a sport plane and working on aerobatic maneuvers the remainder of the week, I was absolutely thrilled! You had after all satisfied your commitment to me of instilling the procedures necessary to successfully solo. As an added benefit, we had the opportunity to learn how to manage the airplane in strong crosswinds, quickly learning the line “what wind?”. At that point, you had a very satisfied student.

Wednesday brought my first experience with the agility of the Super Stick. Truthfully, I could not wipe the smile off of my face. By the end of the day you had me performing loops, rolls, 4 point rolls, Immelmanns, and Cuban 8’s, all in succession and in the same pass! That smile I couldn’t wipe off of my face was now permanently etched! Graduating from your class with an Aerobatics diploma was very gratifying.

The other real benefit of your training revolves around the discussion of peripheral information related to the sport of R/C aviation. We covered R/C from A-to-Z, highlighted by the demonstration and discussions of airplane maintenance, engine tuning, fuel options, battery issues, and most importantly, safety procedures. Your efforts to convince the students of the importance and benefits of joining the AMA and a local club clearly portray you as much more than an R/C flight instructor and business man; you are truly an ambassador for the sport.

I was also very impressed by your approach to students’ questions. You patiently and thoughtfully answered every question asked and were quickly able to relay very descriptive analogies and examples to reinforce your answers. Equally impressive was your ability to get the best out of each of the three students in the class, even though each progressed at different rates and learned the same basic procedures required to solo through decidedly different teaching techniques. The intuitive ability to recognize each individuals learning style and to be capable of patiently teaching based on each students needs is an incredibly astute and difficult skill set to master, yet it seems to come easily to you. I have had the opportunity to take advantage of a wealth of education in my professional career and can honestly say I have never had the pleasure of such proficiency in a training environment.

At this point Dave, I am a completely satisfied student who genuinely thinks he got more than he paid for. Please let me know what dates you have available for my son and I to attend your advanced aerobatic course next summer. Thanks again for a truly great week!

Bob Kohler
Cedarburg, WI