Notes for Solo Course enrollees

Solo Course training will begin 9:00 A.M. Monday with indoor Ground School at the Quality Inn & Suites conference room (map).

While enrollees are getting more out of their stick-time than ever before, there are limits to how much any person can effectively take-in each session. The training schedule will begin each day at 9:00 A.M., and finish approx. 2:00-3:00 P.M. (Detailed Solo Course Syllabus). At the end of each day's session the instructor will note which areas to study in the One Week To Solo flight manual that reinforce what you practiced and that will prepare you for the next day's lessons. Note: You will be at a considerable advantage by acquiring the One Week To Solo manual beforehand and familiarizing yourself with terms and techniques that will be used in your training.

Weather: Wind seldom limits us. In the event of rain, we will spend that time looking in more detail at the lessons and answering questions. When the rain ends, we will return to the flying field and resume training. Double sessions will be used to build up flying time if rain is forecasted, or to make up for rain delays.

Note that we do not take a lunch break. (Most people are so focused on the training that delaying lunch is not a problem.) We recommend that you keep any snacks that you bring light to avoid the tiredness that typically follows a normal size meal. Cold drinks are a must in the summer time, however, the school does not provide a cooler at the field since students usually prefer to arrange their own coolers the night or morning before training.

You should bring enough clothing for a variety of weather. Average May temps: 50 degrees (morning) - 65 degrees (afternoon), June: 50-75, July: 60-85, August: 60-80, September: 50-70. A hat is recommended as well as insect repellant. Sunscreen and sunglasses are necessities!

You are welcome to bring your own plane and have it professionally inspected, test flown, and trimmed by the instructor for a fee of $35 (See Airplane Checkout Policy). When the last day's formal training is completed, you'll have the chance to familiarize yourself with your own plane. If you can, please arrive at the school with your engine fully broken-in, your plane’s control surfaces set at neutral, the control surface travels/throws close to manufacturer’s recommendations in all directions, and your plane balanced.

Notes for Aerobatic Course enrollees



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