Hi Dave,

I wanted to tell you THANK YOU for what you taught me this week in the Basic Aerobatics Course. I learned more in 4 days from you than I have in 3 years at my club and you gave me some tools to not only change, but refine, practice, and perfect in my future flights and this was the easiest and most worthy money I have spent yet in this sport and would happily spent double of the tuition.


I was thrilled to have corrected my bad habits in the 1st day (that aren't likely to return) and throughout the week, I was not only able to identify why I have crashed previous planes, but how to avoid those pitfalls in the future, stick to a concise plan of flight, and your 1-4 steps are epic and worthy of a pre-flight checklist and your invaluable teachings.

You have likely forgotten more about this sport than I will ever likely learn and you have not only made me a better RC Pilot, but also provided me with an invaluable insight and vision on how to prevail in the years ahead. You have immensely enhanced my invigoration of this sport and given me goals that I now feel attainable and I can't explain the increased confidence that I have developed as a result of your instruction.  I plan to refine and perfect your teachings and most definitely WILL be a return student when I feel I'm fully prepared for the next stage of instruction.  

Your method and approach to teaching is motivational and empowering and I sincerely appreciate your direct approach to "keeping it real" and not "sugar-coating" things so to speak and truly adhering to your desire of the age old approach to giving your students "The best bang for their buck." On Day 1, I was shaking like a leaf on a windy tree (fixing mistakes and bad habits, lacking confidence, and wrapping my brain and fingers around new concepts) but by Day 4, I was comfortable, not shaking and nervous, and at 1 point I literally forgot I had the controls of the plane and had actually envisioned myself shrunk and in the cockpit of that RC plane as I was making the stick movements. Previously, I allowed my plane to control me and now I am the master and will fly in windy and adverse conditions!

Thanks again for the awesome experience this week Dave and I look forward to attending future classes!

Mike Schreader, Perham, MN - Basic Aerobatic class 6/2/2016

Three quick notes for you since class:

#1 I flew my 30% SBACH Gasser at our annual "Fun Fly" 2 weeks ago. I took off, trimmed, flew my 4 points, did some rolls, loops, Immelmans, Cubans, and 4 point Aileron rolls, and then landed successfully to a clapping and congratulating club. I did that as a result of the confidence gained from your class. Whereas, previously I would have a more experienced member take it off, trim it, and land it and then I would mess around with it high in the air. NO MORE...I command that plane now and I'm no longer intimidated by it.

#2 During our "Fun Fly," I was flying one of my planes perfectly until it started the famous corkscrew towards the ground (must have been diddling with the ailerons oo much). I quickly remembered how you said to "fly the plane all the way to the crash."  I never gave up, neutralized the controls, then small INDIVIDUAL adjustments and recovered the plane. It's still in one piece in my garage.

#3 Several of the members from my club who have looked at the flight school online and seen your articles in the RC magazines have been asking me tons of questions about the school after them seeing me fly since I returned from your course. Those members old and new have also all expressed interest in attendance. 

I'll never be able to explain enough the value that your course provided to me!

Mike Schreader 

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