7/5/2016 Testimonial


Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful week of flying!!!  The flight instruction was spectacular as always, as was the great many tips, tricks and techniques to improve my airplane setups and the precision of my flights.  As always, it only takes about one hour at your flight school, and all the problems of the world melt away, and I feel totally relaxed, all while trying to better my skills and having fun


An interesting note on my return home … I took the usual models out and decided to run through the sequence … noting the few tendencies, then proceeded to do them again with the minor adjustments demonstrated by the first couple of circuits.  They seemed to really flow from one maneuver to another … and it felt good, and looked great!!!

Further to this, I was asked to take a fellow member’s plane out for its first flight … Following the mulligan flight checks, I complete a consecutive sequence of maneuvers as follows, full Cuban,  ½ Cuban, loop, ½ reverse Cuban, 3 consecutive rolls, ½ Cuban, avalanche, vertical line to a hammer head, single roll after the pull out to knife edge pass, to another ½ Cuban …. finally a very nice landing.

The individual who had asked for the test was overwhelmed with how well things went.  Then the interesting part happened … several of the members came over to the pit area and began asking what kind of plane was … I told them they would need to ask the owner of the model, who was beaming with pride, and began discussing his model with the other members.  I felt very relaxed during the flight, feeling well ahead of the plane, and enjoyed stepping back to watch the group dynamic and enthusiasm as the owner of the model discussed his plane with the guys.

It was great to have been able string all those maneuvers together on the first flight of a model I have never flown before, on a plane that wasn’t even mine … and I owe it all to your superb teaching skills and methods!!!  The reaction from the group at the field was priceless to see!!!

Thanks again for the fun week and the great instruction!!!  I am really looking forward to next year!!! 

John Moschini


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