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I want to tell you that I really benefited from your two books, Airplane and Radio Setup and One Week to Solo.

When I started flying R/C many years ago my training reflected many of the statements that you made in your books; i.e., I had no ground school and just started flying with a club instructor without having much knowledge about how the airplane flew. I had the opinion that with a lot of practice and a few crashes I would become a proficient flyer. Well, I did learn to fly, but I never really felt comfortable doing it, especially landing, so I have to admit that I dreaded going to the field and I didn't do so very often.

After getting your books this spring, I started implementing the principles that you teach, especially using two fingers on the sticks. At first it felt kind of strange, but after a couple of flights I could definitely see that I had much better control over the model, especially during take-offs. This, coupled with using your flying and landing techniques, has made me a confident who went to the field every chance that I got. I probably put in more flights this year than I made in the last five years put together. I’m sure that I’m not flying as well as I would be if I had been able to attend the Flight School, but just the fact that I now enjoy flying is a big step in the right direction. I’m looking forward to studying your Sport Aerobatics book over the Winter and getting into some aerobatic flying next year. Who knows, I may even venture to enter a contest by the end of the season!

Thanks for making these books available.

Bob Balsie.  Upstate New York




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