See what people are saying lately about our flight training manuals:

I know quality when I see it and really enjoy telling my readers about good stuff. 1st U.S. R/C Flight School is selling an educational and much needed Intermediate (Precision) Aerobatics flight-training manual. Professionally written, the graphics are as large as the pages, and the text is easy to read. Based on reading the book and going out and trying the directions, I can tell you that it contains great advice. I recommend that you use the book with a friend. Working in pairs, you could coach each other through a whole series of improvements in your flying.

Eric Henderson. Aerobatics Column, Model Aviation

Wow! The new book is brilliant! You need to get the word out. There's nothing else like it available in the sport. This book would be a tremendous help to several flyers I know. It's been a great help to me.

Capt. Woodie Woods. Algonquin, IL

I find the illustrations in most publications nothing more than pretty pictures with absolutely no stick positioning information - no real help. So I would like to commend you on your approach at publishing your manual. I have not seen anything that is comparable.

Bryan Smith. Houston, TX

It takes knowledge to learn without crashing. 1st U.S. R/C Flight School manuals are a great way to gain knowledge. Each manual is well detailed and explains each lesson with excellent illustrations. For each lesson, matching stick movements are highlighted so that you can practice before you take to the air. Armed with an instructor and these manuals, your flight experiences will be more rewarding.

Rick Bell. Editor, Model Airplane News

The steps in your book One Week to Solo really helped my turns, especially page A1.  The 1, 2, 3 and 4, 5, 6 finally gave me something solid to go by, and that's when I started to make progress.  Before that I landed in the hay field behind the pit area, in the corn filed at the end of the runway and in a tree (twice, same tree) across from the pit area and in the lake at the other end of the field.  Now I land on the runway all the time, without your book I might have quit.

Paul Zimmer. New Richmond, WI

The manuals are terrific!!! They are very informative and I especially like the detailed and intuitive illustrations.  There are so many things that I was not aware that make so much sense the way you explain them.  I have been flying for about 6 years and just not progressing the way I felt I should have.  I have no doubt that my flying will progress leaps and bounds with all that your books have taught me.

Glenn Kotch. 

I would like to say that having read the solo and park flyer manuals and practicing the techniques described therein on a simulator daily has greatly improved my actual model flying . The manuals are one of the best investments I have ever made. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Ron DePrez. Goshen, KY

I got the manuals in the other day.  All I have to say is WOW!  What a superb product.  I'm highly impressed with the quality as well as the information and how it's presented.  Amazing job putting this together.  I'm sure these kids are going to have a GREAT resource.  I'm going to show the local AMA Chapter as well and have them look into getting the club price or something because these are fantastic.

Mike Valler.  BOYS & GIRLS CLUB of Greater New Bedford, MA

I've been teaching R/C for 20 years in Los Angeles as well as full-scale and am an Aerobatic Instructor. Thank you for the work you've done in your series of books. I've been using them for fixed wing and rotorcraft for years now and love how concise and well written they are.

Armando Lewin

Dave has used his talents to create the book on RC flying for all time.  His book, "One Week for Solo" is a masterpiece of writing and drafting. It is basically a learning to fly text that even the experienced pilot (who finds his skills at the 99% level) will find the key to details of RC flight they have been looking for. There is simply no other source that I have ever seen to match it.  I will guarantee it will not disappoint.

"Ben" Owen, former Executive Director, EAA Information Services. ( writer of over 100 "Craftsman's Corner" articles for SPORT AVIATION.)

I wanted to let you know that thanks to your instruction manuals I’m progressing and I'm having a ball learning and flying.  It’s great to know what to practice and how to practice thanks to your manuals.  Pleasantly I'm not nervous about flying any more even in the wind.  My loops are big and round, rolls are nice and axial with hardly any loss of altitude and landings are perfect 3 pointers almost every time.  All of these made possible by knowing how to execute the maneuvers with the proper setup and entry - thanks to the instruction in your manuals.  I'm not ready for any IMAC contests yet - but who know what the future will bring, for now I'm just learning and enjoying and having fun.  Thanks Dave for being my flying instructor - it proves you can teach a retired old dog new tricks.

Dave Coutie. Long Sault Flyers

I have only been in the hobby for two years and recently ordered your "Airplane & Radio Setup" manual to try to improve my skills/knowledge of the hobby. I followed your advice and my planes are definitely flying with much more control. Your manual has greatly helped grow my knowledge and confidence in respects to RC Airplanes. Thank you for writing such an informative manual and it was worth every penny. This manual should be required reading for anyone getting involved into the world of RC airplanes.

Bill Herbert

There's no other source that comes close to explaining why and how things should be done like your Manual. It's like everyone else has to guard the secrets I need to know. Keep up the great work.

Eddie Petterson. Pittsburgh, PA

Many of the best pilots I know, don't understand the flight principles that you outline. Your work is becoming the National Standard to resolve airfield arguments. I honestly recommend your manuals to all that fly R.C..

Grant Sharp. Contest Dir. Pacific Coast Freestyle Championships

As the founder and owner of 1st U.S. R/C Flight School, Dave is the top expert at explaining how to fly model airplanes. David's series of books are a must-have for any serious RC pilot.

Chief Editor. Model Airplane News.

I have your One Week To Solo, Sport Aerobatics (#1), and the airplane/radio setup manuals.  They have helped me tremendously.  Thanks to your books I get lots of comments at the field about how well I fly given I just started this season. 

Craig Quillen 

I think your lessons are on the money. Well thought out and logical. There are items in there I need to work on, and I fly Masters level precision aerobatics!

Bob Kane. National Society of Radio Control Aerobatics District 4 Vice President

WOW!!!!  You have absolutely taken RC instruction to the top!!!  Your manuals are more professional than the full scale ground school guides I have seen. 

Brian Bychowski. DU-BRO Products

I have to say that the amount of technical advice and knowledge in the manual is impressive. It is obvious to me that you are a student of piloting and have mastered many technical aspects. I'm going to recommend your book to my members.

Rich Fletcher. IMAC Coach. Former Nats Expert Pattern Champion

I enjoyed reviewing this book for the magazine and learned a number of new things myself.

Bob Hunt. Model Airplane News

We were very impressed with your Flight Training Manual. The quality shows in 112 pages full of text and first class step by step illustrations on a very good grade of paper. Will be looking forward to more from you.

Dick Kidd. Technical Editor, RCM

I must commend you on your Intermediate Aerobatic publication. The work presents a labor of immense proportions. The maneuver explanations are presented in a very understandable way due to the clarity of presentation and well supported by the drawings. Extremely well done in every aspect!!! In my overall opinion I find that a serious sport pilot would benefit immensely by availing himself of the advanced instruction contained in your volume of work. To me, it represents a fantastically insightful instructive tool that no pilot should be without.

George Kennie. Professional Nats Judge

Just as in full size flying - proper instruction (making the airplane do what the PILOT wants it to do as opposed to accepting whatever the plane wants to do and sorta guiding it around) is the only way to learn consistency. Your program indicates an understanding of proper instruction - 99% of articles on flight training that I read in trade pubs is utter garbage. I find your program truly worthwhile and would recommend it to aspiring modelers.

Phil Sibille. Nats, Top Gun, Masters Champion

David Scott is an outstanding instructor that has many years of experience and tens of thousands of instruction flights at his school. His books are precise, well illustrated and fun. The main key he teaches is the ability to fly the plane pro-actively and not reacting to the deviation. You will love this book and will learn more from his experience and techniques in a short time versus learning something the wrong way and then practicing it into a bad habit. Learn it right the first time and make good use of burning gas!

Tom Arnold. New Holland, Ohio

Dave Scott takes his full scale knowledge, combines it with his RC skills, and writes a masterpiece. All the books in his series help pilots see the forest through the trees, and add a perspective that will take years to come by on your own. Why re-invent the wheel when you can take from his years of instruction, and build on it from there.

Pros: Excellent Information, very well written.
Cons: Shows you how much you don't know.

Pride Grimm. High Point, NC

The Intermediate manual is awesome! I can't put it down. The controlling the airplane versus reacting methodology is very clear and super interesting. I'm amazed to find out how much more a person needs to know to fly an airplane well. I will contact you to sign up to take the aerobatics course next year.

Ballo Ballo. Gates Mills, OH

An important part of being a "Controller" is identifying which corrections need to be made ahead of time. This is the heart of the DAS (David A. Scott) system in his manuals, and used at the flight school.

Ken Weddell. Fremont, MI

I’ve been recommending your books to our club members.  Our chief instructor is nuts about your books and taught his two nephews to fly already using your methods and more are in the pipeline, they all love your way of doing things.  I used your set up to get a few squirrely planes flying right, less throw and less expo does wonders.

Scott Paschen.  Livonia, MI

Thank you for sending the 4 books so promptly.  Halfway though the "One Week to Solo" I realized that the cost of the 4 books I bought had been returned to me in spades.  Amazing writing and drafting, like a whole new world just opened up. Curtis Pitts was my friend and you and he have thought alike and believe me, there are very, very few who can or will do that. 

Ben Owen. Oshkosh, WI

I wanted to say thanks for the manuals which I received promptly.  They are great.  Very well written and thought out. I didn't realize how much I didn't know or wasn't 100% clear on.  I have a new appreciation for precision and flying each flight with a purpose.  This will all help immensely instructing others.

Brett Junell

You asked for my evaluation of your new book and all I can say is it's excellent and I wouldn't change a thing. I tell people that if they read these books they'll win their class!

Eric Henderson. Model Aviation

I just wanted to let you know how excellent and useful your Flight Manuals are. We have some pilots in our club with over 40 years experience. They have expressed, on many occasions, how proficient I am for a new pilot. I give most of the credit to the material found in your manuals. They are simply the best source of information I have come across! Thank you so much!

Murray Wheten. Dartmouth, Canada

David, you are 100% on target. By following the lessons in the book, I now have much more confidence controlling my airplane in any attitude, and for the first time I feel like I'm controlling the airplane versus it controlling me.

David Duys. Philadelphia, PA

I recently purchased a copy of your "Primary Flight Training" Manual. It is the best, by far, explanation of R/C that I have come across. I recently ordered your basic aerobatics manual and look forward to receiving more excellent instruction.

Tom Kosier. Jupiter, FL

The DAS System is laid out in a step by step format that is easy to follow. It helped me keep track of my progress until I put it all together and soloed without any trouble.

Archie Paez. Jacksonville, FL

These books are awesome! If a person wants to learn to fly, the best thing he can do is get these books.

Al's Hobby Shop. Elmhurst, IL

The bottom line for any service is did you get your moneys worth and was it worth the time? The answer to both is definitely yes. I will recommend the school to new students. I would also say buying the flight book in advance was a great help. I think all beginners should study this book so they have an idea what they are trying to do when on the buddy box.

John O'Keefe. Springfield, IL

If my progress after reading the first section of the manual is an indication of things to come (and I believe it is), my future looks brighter than at any time since I started it four years ago. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I have invested in this hobby, the few dollars I spent last week on your books may be the best money I ever spent. These manuals may literally save the hobby for me.

Bill Rose. Independence, MO

I couldn't believe this manual. It was talking about every area where I was having problems. The first flight after reading the manual was "the most comfortable" flight that I ever had. I was controlling the bird and staying in front of it and accomplishing some very nice half Cuban's (never knew the name before), loops, and rolls. A great big THANKS!

Nicholas Scott. Tquila, GA

I made more progress in the 10 months applying your sport aerobatics system than I had in the previous 5 years.

Dan Hammon. Bountiful, UT

Dave I just wanted to let you know the manual is great. I have found it very useful, and helpful. I had an experienced flyer help me out with the first few flights. What was amazing was the things I picked up from your manual and described to him have changed the way he now flies. If a person never did anything else when learning to fly R/C but read your manual it would be the best thing they ever did.

Carl Anderson. Wauseon, OH

My classmate had the advantage of using your training manual info on his flight simulator prior to our classes and his advantage over me at the school was obvious.

Tony Biach. Silver Cliff, WI

I certainly have not found any other learn to fly books (or anything else) that incorporates learning to fly into a step by step system. I now feel prepared to enter my flights with a plan.

Ray Courtney. Liberal, KS

The manual is written in a concise and logical way that builds on each day's accomplishments.....your 'Crawl, Walk, Run' approach to R/C flying.

Jeff Wallach. Dallas, TX

Your sport aerobatic manual is packed with invaluable information that I could find no where else. Previously I had been trying to learn new maneuvers with little idea of how they where performed and no idea what to expect. The DAS System has helped me greatly "see" how the maneuvers are constructed and flown. I now look forward to entering my practice flights fully knowing what to expect. You should be very proud of what you have put together.

Robert Weller. Wausau, WI

Since learning from your manuals, I'm going to walk my students through your manuals step by step, and get the fulfillment of showing/teaching this great sport of ours the right way!

Nicholas Scott. Atlanta, GA

I just received your training manual and I can't put it down. This is excellent!!! It is just what I need to get me off the plateau I'm stuck on.

Tim Karash. Isanti, MN

I want to let you know that your "Sport Aerobatic" and "Intermediate Aerobatic" manuals are fantastic! I've flown three times since I received the books and have improved every time. Excellent advice, clear - concise information, great illustrations, all presented in an easy to reference, easy to understand manual. A home run! Thanks for your work preparing these excellent learning tools. I'll spread the word to fellow flyers in my corner of the world.

Steve Chaffee. Trabuco Flyers, CA

I'm so impressed by how clearly you organize the lessons and how easy you make it to learn. Now I feel I have the foundation to do just about anything with practice. Keep up the good work.

Bob Yeager. Casper, WY

Your manual describes me and the problems I was having perfectly, and I'm amazed how simple you've made the solutions. My confidence and flying at the club field has vastly improved.

Rusty Billings. Lakewood, WI

Your Instruction Guides could not be more clear and understandable. You're the best!

Ralph Barney. Salt Lake City, UT

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your intermediate aerobatics manual. I currently fly in the Basic class at IMAC events, and every maneuver we fly is explained in terms even I can understand. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to review your manual and improve. Gosh, I might even move up to Sportsman.

Dan Barrick. Rosholt, WI

I am very impressed with the clarity of your work on flight training aerobatics. Your directions on flying a round loop are simple and the most understandable I've encountered. Great Job!

Grant Sharp. Pacific Coast IMAC Challenge CD

Your books are the best kept secret in R/C. I don't think you could keep them on the shelf when the true potential of professional flight training syllabuses are discovered. Then people will be talking about making progress instead of all the talk about crashing.

Woodie Woods. Algonquin, IL

I will recommend to the father and son I talked to you about that they get the RC simulator and your primary training manual and apply your methods and procedure rather than playing it like a video game and developing bad habits.

Glenn Dye. Saukville, WI

I just wanted you to know how much benefit I received from your flight manual. After practicing on the sim until I could do the things in your book, I was able to fly two 5 minute flights with no outside assistance.

Jeff Steinberg. Posen, IL

I am very happy to inform you that the techniques described in your manual have been of great help to me. So much so, I am now able to land my airplane perfectly almost every time, while previously I had great difficulty in making a proper approach. I am now much more confident of taking my first plane to the flying field. Congratulations to you and your team for producing such a wonderfully illustrated and excellent manual. Thanks again for a great manual which is worth every cent.

Dr. Chitter Venkat. Wichita, KS

Your teaching manuals are awesome.  So easy to read and understand.  I'm helping others in my two clubs and already the beginners are noticing that they are making more progress with me as I EXPLAIN HOW to do the basics like turning and flying straight lines.  The other instructors just shout "turn left"!!   They're not aware of my secret weapon - the 1st US RC Flight School.  I'm teaching myself the moves using your manuals and you're right when you talk about bigger rewards when you are progressing.  It's just nice to have a goal rather than fly around aimlessly.  Pity I'm not in the USA - I'd love to be one of your pupils.

Tony Forrest.  United Kingdom

Thank you for the instruction manual. By following the instructions, I successfully flew my model on my own on the first flight.

Norman. NY, NY

Just a quick note to thank you once again for the Manual. Your points are great. Especially the 'Bump' and the 'Procedure Turn'. Now I know why I've had so many crashes.

Lee Peters. Bigfork, MT

The Flight Training Manuals are absolutely great, I've learned a lot already just by reading. As with all things that look simple you must have spent a lot of effort in producing these.

Paul Child. Oxford, UK

My husband has so enjoyed your book - it probably was worth double the price! Already he has found numerous good tips in it to improve his flying.

Margorie Whittaker. Norcross, GA

If I learn half as much when I attend the school as I have learned in the past two days since receiving your manual, I'll no doubt become an expert!

Mike Weathers. St. Louis, MO

I found your book as a very useful guide for beginning on a flight simulator. It's very well written and presented.

Fred Drummond. Pass Christian, MS

For a while, I thought you were "giving away the store" with your online lessons. That was until I (ordered the Manual) got half way through your book. Almost the entire last half is particularly good material about Landing. I think now using my Simulator with the complete information you've provided on setting up the alignment for Landing, and under adverse wind conditions (including crosswinds), that I will get very proficient with all of the concepts in your Manual and be able to solo on the 2nd or 3rd time out. I am in debt to you for making available excellent self-teaching materials!!

Barry Adkins. Richmond, TX


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