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Sport Aerobatics manual
By David Scott

Accelerated Basic Aerobatic Flight Training


Due to the success each year of the Primary course, over half of 1st U.S. R/C Flight School’s classes are dedicated to prior Solo students returning for Aerobatic training. During these classes a Basic Aerobatics training program has been developed that increases practice effectiveness and instills the skills needed to effect a more satisfying and fun R/C piloting experience for years to come.

Utilizing the DAS System, Sport Aerobatics teaches the advancing pilot to view aerobatic maneuvers as a series of predictable steps, with an emphasis on controlling what the airplane does instead of reacting to it.

Learn everything you need to know to perform exciting maneuvers such as loops, rolls, Immelmanns, Cuban 8’s, reverse Cuban 8’s, 4 and 8-Point hesitation rolls, and more.

Presented in an easy to follow crawl-walk-run format, and featuring many full page illustrations and matching stick positions, Sport Aerobatics is fun to read and even more fun to apply.

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