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Outline of Instruction
About the Manual
Crawl-walk-run Methodology

Sport Airplane Guidelines
Flight Characteristics
Design Features

Improving Performance
Skin Friction Air Disturbance
Thicker Control Surfaces

Getting Airborne
Positioning Targets
Projecting Flight Paths, Wind, and
Object as a Whole

Parallel Line and Setup Conclusion

Sport Aerobatics Introduction
Phase I Maneuver Components
Phase I Maneuvers Group
Aresti Symbol Basics
Sequencing Steps Defined
Building Maneuvers
Practice Considerations
Transmitter Handling
Aerobatic Learning Curve

Loop Sequence
Loop Setup
Initiating a Vertical Plane
Where to Look

Aileron Roll
Roll Sequence
Roll Setup
Sequencing the Steps
Throttle/Speed Influence
The Process of Reflection
Roll Consistency
Summary to this point
When Results Count

Immelmann Turnaround
Immelmann Sequence
Positioning Considerations
Pausing Between the Steps
Reflection and Conclusion

Cuban 8
Half Cuban 8 Sequence
Looping Over the Top
Establishing the Downline
Corrections and Adjustments
Turnarounds to this point
Full Cuban 8 Warmup
Cuban 8 Sequence
Cuban Key Points

Reverse Cuban 8
Half Reverse Cuban 8 Sequence
Pulling Up to the 45
Establishing the 45
Upline Finer Points
Notable Advantages
Summary to this point
Full Reverse Cuban 8 Warmup
Reverse Cuban 8 Sequence

Hesitation Rolls
4-Point Roll Sequence
Timing the Points
8-Point Roll Sequence
Keeping Track of the Points

Assembling an Aerobatic Sequence
Assembling a Sequence
Starter Sequences and Trouble Shooting
Cuban Variations
Double Roll and Split S
Becoming Well Rounded
ORT (Opposite Roll Turn)
Sport Aerobatic Conclusion
Sample Practice Sequence
Blank Aresti Sheet


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