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Outline of Instruction

About the Manual

Preliminary Aileron Basics
Preliminary Elevator & Rudder Basics
Primary Trainer Flight Characteristics
Primary Trainer Design Features

Ground School
Basics of Turning an Airplane 1
Basics of Turning an Airplane 2
Aileron Effects on Turn Size and Elevator
Using Neutral as a Reference
Consistent L/R Turns - Turn Correction

Straight Lines and Course Adjustments
Aileron Bump Input and Effects
Bump Perspectives
Bumps in Typical Flight Situations
Orientation and the Bump

Altitude Control
Initial Throttle Applications
Emergency Altitude Recovery

Improving Performance
Adverse Yaw Basics
Coordinated Banks and Turns
Coupling Hookup
Coupling/Mixing Setup
Coupling/Mixing for the Future 1
Coupling/Mixing for the Future 2
Common Coupling/Mixing Questions

Thicker Control Surfaces
Skin Friction Air Disturbance
Improving Control

Learning to Fly
Maximizing Practice Time
Transmitter Handling

Control Inputs
Course Adjustment Bump Input
Procedure Turn Aileron Bank
Procedure Turn Elevator
Procedure Turn Elevator Adjustments
Procedure Turn Correction
Full Pro. Turn and Plan B Inputs
Procedure Turn Restart
Bump and Procedure Turn Exercise
Tightening Turns


First Flight Positioning
Comfortable View Warmup
Wind, Projecting Flight Paths, and O.A.A.W
Body Rotation and L/R Coordination
Push away/Pull in Technique
Oscillation Comment

Stage 1: Landing Pattern
Overflying Runway Centerline
Lineup Perspectives
Base Leg Turn Target
Base Leg Turn Correction
Landing Pattern Summary

Stage 2: Lowering Pattern
Lowering Pattern and Throttle
Low Pass Go Around
Low Pass Setup Sequence
First Landing

Standard Takeoff Sequence
Entering the Pattern
Establishing a Level Pattern
Short Field Takeoff and Lower Pattern
Trimming Rules-of-thumb
Pre-Takeoff Exercise

Landing Setup
Wind Effects Upon Landing Approach
Landing Setup Sequence
Base Leg Turn
Landing by the Numbers
Landing Quiz

Overshoot / Undershoot
Go Around
Overshoot Compensation
Undershoot and Powered Approach

Landing Flare
Standard and Ballooned Flare
High Flare and Bounce

Planning and Preparation
Solo Takeoff
Solo Agenda
Solo Checklist and Conclusion


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