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Airplane & Radio Setup
By David Scott

Essential Airplane & Radio Setup Principles for Optimum Aerobatic Performance and Handling

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While modern technology has expanded airplane capabilities, declining emphasis on the fundamental setup principles that are essential to achieving a great flying airplane in favor of emphasizing advanced programming to solve deficiencies and improve performance has made the setup process exponentially more complex and subject to error.

Airplane & Radio Setup manual brings to the forefront the most important fundamental airplane setup principles and the role that advanced computer capabilities play in fine tuning the setup to produce the most capable and honest handling airplane possible.

Section 1 illustrates the airplane setup principles responsible for ensuring that a plane flies like it’s on rails and does only what the pilot tells it to do.

Section 2 details all the major radio programming techniques that enable pilots to optimize their airplanes’ aerobatic performance and ease of handling, while avoiding the setup trends aimed at improving a certain condition or maneuver that come at the cost of making everything else a pilot does more difficult.

Section 3 walks pilots through the complete series of setup flight checks used to fine tune an airplane’s handling to suit the skill level and flying style of each pilot and thereby ensure his or her greatest opportunity for success.

Plus, a special bonus section features several setup techniques taken from full-scale aviation designed to maximize overall precision handling, expand an airplane’s flight envelope, and tame the landing.

Whether you seek the confidence that accompanies feeling connected to and in complete control of your airplane, and/or the satisfaction that comes from improving at an accelerated pace, Airplane & Radio Setup manual is the perfect guide to ensure that you get the most out of your equipment and potential in the air!

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Airplane Control Setup

Control Setup

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