Airplane & Radio Setup manual Table of Contents:
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About the Manual
Airplane Considerations

SECTION 1: Airplane Setup
Wing Incidence/Decalage Intro
Incidence & Neutral Stability
Incidence Installation
Common Incidence Questions
C.G. & Neutral Stability
C.G. Tradeoffs
Locating C.G. / Center of Pressure
Right Thrust
Down Thrust

SECTION 2: Control Setup
Servo Resolution
Setting Control Surface Neutrals
Dual Rates/Flight Modes/Conditions
Expo Methodologies
Transmitter Handling & Expo Tips
2 Finger Advantage
Increased Stick Tension
Differential Aileron
Adverse Yaw Explained
Aileron-Rudder Mixing
Ail-Rud Mixing Setup
Ail-Rud Mix Payoff
Knife Edge Mixing
Mixing Principles
Flight Mode Mixing
Setup Summary Page

SECTION 3: Flight Tests
Introductory “Mulligan” Process
Basic Trimming
Travel Evaluations
Expo Evaluations
Fine Tuning Prerequisites
Advanced Rudder Trim & Thrust Checks
C.G. Checks
Tail Heavy Characteristics
Band-aiding Setup Flaws
Knife Edge Mixing
Throttle-Elevator Downline Mix
Setup Test Points List Page

Bonus Handling Enhancements
Surface Friction Disruption
Thicker Control Surfaces

Vortex Generators
Flat Triangle VGs
Stall Strips


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