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1st U.S. R/C Flight School
High Versatility Trainer

Designed by David Scott

No other Trainer has been so thoroughly tested. No other model has had such a proven record of teaching people to fly radio control model airplanes. No other model comes close because Slow-n-Low was conceived and designed by professional instructors —people who work full-time at teaching the art of R/C flying.

When students take a week of their precious vacation and travel hundreds and thousands of miles to attend 1st U.S. R/C Flight School, they expect to fly and fly often. There just isn't any room for mechanical breakdowns or weather delays. So, Slow-n-Low was designed to stand up to more use in one week than most people fly in a year, and to fly in weather conditions that send most people packing for home. Flying Slow-n-Low, training routinely goes on at the School in winds of 20 mph or more and the students are still successful.

Slow-n-Low spans a big 8 ft. but transports to the field easily with its 2-piece wing. The large size gives the model unequaled stability even in strong winds. It is also easy to see exactly what the model is doing even at great distances. However, the model is very light for its size and flies easily on any sport .60 engine. The exclusive wide-track landing gear makes this model very stable on the ground and prevents the wind from blowing it over, as well as absorbing rough landings. Modern full-scale aerodynamics make Slow-n-Low's slow speed handling second to none.

Slow-n-Low is the crowning achievement of a series of trainer designs developed over thousands of flight hours training hundreds of student pilots, who learned to fly in only 5 days flying this hybrid design.


Plans Only
(Not available as kit or ARF)

Note: Construction is very similar to a rubber band model, mostly cutting sticks to length,
but on a larger scale. The only special tool required is something to cut 1/4" plywood.

  Wingspan: 96" (8 ft.) 2-piece
Length: 62"
Engine: .60-.65 2-stroke .90-.100 4-stroke
  Weight: 9-9.5 lbs.
Wing loading: 16 oz.
4-channel radio required (2 ail. servos)

.60 Plans feature:
2-piece wing.
Wing bolt, rubber band, or both wing tie down options.
Wide-track landing gear with easy removal for transportation.
2 or 4-stroke firewall positions.
Wood list with stock #'s.
Hardware and accessories list.
Wing rib & other trace templates.


Plans Discontinued

Rolled Plans $45.00
(Includes shipping)
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