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Radio Control Electrics
Park Flying 1-2-3D
By David Scott

1. Learning to Fly Radio Control Electrics
2. Basic Aerobatics - 3D Stunt Flying


Whether you are looking to quickly learn to fly your parkflyer with control and confidence, aspire to fly better aerobatics, or seek the intense thrills of 3D flying, or all of the above, Park Flying 1-2-3D has you covered every step of the way.

Featuring the accelerated flight training techniques developed during the instruction of over 1000 students at 1st U.S. R/C Flight School, this book guides flyers step by step through each phase of becoming a better pilot with unparalleled efficiency.

Concise lessons and hundreds of illustrations with matching control stick diagrams make learning easy and fun, while special features help pilots bypass common mistakes and enhance practice effectiveness by focusing the pilot’s attention on controlling what the airplane does instead of merely reacting to it.

Section 1, Learning to Fly, highlights the essential planning and control techniques required to perform the four major phases of solo flight: Takeoff, trimming, turns and maneuvering (with and without ailerons), and landing.

Section 2, Basic Aerobatics, guides flyers through the 10 aerobatic maneuvers that instill the skills needed to effect a more fun and exciting R/C flying experience.

Section 3, 3D Stunt Flying, details the specialized airplane and control setups necessary to fly 3D, together with the flying techniques required to accomplish more than a dozen thrilling 3D stunts.


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