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Multirotor Flight Training
By David Scott

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Today's incredible multirotor technology is making it easier than ever before for people to experience the thrill and freedom of piloting their own multirotor R/C helicopter.  While it is true that just about anyone can fly most modern multirotors right out of the box, proper instruction ensures faster learning, fewer mistakes, greater safety, and lays the foundation that ultimately translates into more fun and effectiveness over the long term.

From the world leader in accelerated radio control flight training, Multirotor Flight Training is a complete training system featuring the practical information and flying techniques required to safely maneuver a multirotor, avoid obstacles, and keep an onboard camera pointed precisely at a target. 

As the only multirotor training program developed directly from the experience of training thousands of drone pilots, Multirotor Flight Training utilizes concise instructions along with numerous control illustrations to enable pilots to get the most out of a multirotor with maximum efficiency.

Divided into 3 sections: Ground School describes the capabilities and tradeoffs to consider when choosing a multirotor for recreational flying or filming applications. Flight Training systematically walks pilots through a basic flight training program based on the crawl-walk-run approach used to produce maximum results in the shortest amount of time.  Operational Flying offers tips on optimizing a multirotor as a camera platform and FPV procedures.

The fact is that most multirotor pilots jump right into flying and figure things out as they go along through trial-and-error, and most do eventually learn many of the lessons presented in this manual.  However, along the way there are numerous crashes, repairs($), and a lesser degree of safety, as you no doubt have seen in the news.  Multirotor Flight Training will teach you the skills up front that will help you avoid common mistakes, protect your investment, and more fully enjoy and utilize a multirotor as an effective camera platform.

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