Multirotor Flight Training manual Table of Contents:
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About the Manual
Drone Operating Rules

SECTION I: Ground School
3-axis Stabilization and Flight Modes
6-axis Stabilization and
GPS Position Hold & Altitude Hold
Weighing the Technology Tradeoffs
Tradeoffs Continued
Dual Rate and Exponential Guidelines

Control Ground School
Control Introduction
Definitions and Responses
3 & 6-axis Right Control Stick Fundamentals
GPS Aided Right Stick Fundamentals
Left Control Stick Fundamentals
Throttle Technique
6-axis Forward Flight Turns
GPS aided Forward Flight Turns
Agility Mode Control Fundamentals


SECTION II: Basic Flight Training
Transmitter Handling
Flight Trimming
Basic Hover Warmup
Left Stick Control Technique
Basic Maneuvering
Left Stick Maneuvering
Side & Nose-in Orientation
Forward Flight Turns & 8’s
Nose-in Orbits
Orientation Stripes

SECTION III: Real World Flying
Flying Site Introduction
Initial Hover Agenda and Wind Corrections
Flight Trimming and Practice Agenda
Camera and FPV Comments
Video Flight Planning
Video Panning Techniques
Closing FPV and Planning Comments

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