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Precision Aerobatics manual
AKA. our "Rudder" book
By David Scott

Accelerated Intermediate Aerobatic
Flight Training


Precision Aerobatics is an invaluable reference for those seeking to quickly advance their flying skills and serves as an excellent guide for instructor-coaches.

This book builds into the sport flyer's flight the natural progression of refinements needed to take flying to a whole new level of enjoyment and accomplishment. With nearly half its content addressing the proper uses of Rudder to prevail over Wind and engine torque, this manual will provide an immediate and significant boost for flyers whose skills have become stagnant.

Rather than another rehash of the maneuvers, Precision Aerobatics serves as a flight training system. Hundreds of detailed illustrations and control stick positions guide advancing flyers step-by-step through each phase of learning to fly better maneuvers.

Utilizing the DAS System, you will be amazed to learn how much has been eluding your attention, and then by how much easier it is to fly the maneuvers staying ahead of deviations instead of correcting them after the fact!

Maneuvers taught include:

  • Horizontal rolls
  • Consecutive rolls
  • 4 and 8-point hesitation rolls
  • Round loops
  • Immelmanns
  • Split S
  • Cuban 8's
  • Reverse Cuban 8's
  • and more.
  • All with appropriate rudder and throttle adjustments.
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