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Heli Flight Training
By David Scott

I. Setup and Ground School
II. Primary Flight Training
III. Basic & Intermediate Aerobatics

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From the world's #1 source for accelerated R/C flight instruction, Heli Flight Training manual is a complete flight training system utilizing concise text descriptions and hundreds of illustrations with control stick diagrams to guide both new and experienced helicopter pilots step by step through each phase of becoming a better pilot.

Section I (Setup and Ground School) describes techniques to optimize your helicopter’s handling to promote easier learning and introduces new pilots to basic helicopter control techniques.

Section II (Primary Flight Training) applies the timeless crawl-walk-run approach to learning to fly in order to produce maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Section III (Basic & Intermediate Aerobatics) constructs a foundation of basic aerobatic maneuver components that when brought together make it possible to perform many popular 3D stunts.

Whether you seek the feeling of accomplishment that learning to fly helicopters provides, or the satisfaction that comes from advancing your flying skills, Heli Flight Training will enable you to achieve your goals with unparalleled efficiency.

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Addendum: Heli Flight Training with flybarless stabilization technology

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