Helicopter Flight Training Manual Table of Contents (.pdf):
Actual books published in lazer quality black & white.

Outline of Instruction
About the Manual

Section 1: Ground School
Setup Introduction
Control Definitions

Dual Rate & Exponential Intro
Control Setup
Exponential Setup
Throttle Curve and Mixing Tips
Trimming Rules-of-Thumb

Hover Ground School
Transmitter Handling
Basic Hover Intro

Hover Control Technique
Detecting Deviations and Rudder Control
Hover Throttle Technique

Maneuvering Ground School
Side Maneuvering
Forward Maneuvering
Procedure Turns
Fine Tuning Turns
Auto-Rotation and Recovery

Section 2: Sim Training
Flying Site and Practice Rules-of-thumb

Initial Hover Agenda
Hover Rudder and Landing Advice
Basic Hover Maneuvering
Rudder Steering and Piro Turnarounds
Side Hover
Nose-in Hover and 360 Piros
Procedure Turns
Refined Turns & Figure 8’s
Nose-In & Nose-Out Circles
Wind Corrections
Backward Flight




Real World First Flights
Setup Advice
Flying Field and Wind Tips

Process of Observation
Planning for Success

Section 3: Aerobatics
Stunt Mode Setup

Stall Turns & Vertical Piros
Flips and Loop Variations
Side Flips and Slow Rolls
Half Cuban Turnaround
Reverse Cuban Turnaround

Intermediate Aerobatics
Inverted Hover Throttle
Inverted Hover Control
Inverted Hover Maneuvering
Inverted Turns
Tic-Tocs and Funnels
Aileron Flip
Half Piro Flips


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