Available 2018 openings as of 1/30/2018

Note: Many 2018 classes book early with prior attendees returning for additional Aerobatic training.

Classes operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. Classes fill fast, and the earlier you get in, the greater your chance will be of getting a week that fits your schedule. Notify us if you would like to be added to the flight school waiting list, and please specify the time you're interested in attending.

Year 2018: A = Aerobatics Course. P = Primary Solo Course. ( ) number of open slots




P: 7-11 (Full)
P: 14-19 (Full)
P: 21-25
A: 28-31 (Full)

A: 4-7 (Full)
A: 11-14

A: 18-21 (Full)
A: 25-28 (Full)

A: 2-5 (Full)
A: 9-12
A: 16-19 (Full)

A: 30-02

August September October

A: 6-9 (Full)
A. 13-16 (Full)
A: 20-23 (Full)
A: 27-30 (Full)

A: 3-6
A: 10-13

A: 15-18 (Full)
IAC Nationals

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If the week you want is full or you can't make it to the school, have 1st U.S. R/C Flight School come to you in the form of the training manuals used in the school.


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