"Dave utilizes superior equipment and exhibits a colorful flare that marks him as
a true professional to his craft. The control and skill within his aerobatic routines
can mesmerize an entire crowd and leave them gasping for more."

Dick Schulz. Airfest Air-boss

"Your performance was incredible. Please come back next year."

Mike Lejeune. Flyers & Tires Air-boss

"The way you flew during the lunchtime show was amazing. You're a real pro."

Loren Smith. IAC Chapter 78 Contest Director

From an Air Show Coordinator’s perspective, hiring an RC performer like Dave as
one of the primary acts has many advantages that ultimately allows for a more
flexible and well-rounded air show event.

Mike Niccum. Airfest Co-Air-boss

"Your demo flight was the big hit of the day!"

Bruce Johnson. IAC Chapter 1 Assist. Contest Director

"I heard many positive comments throughout the weekend about how impressed
everyone was with your flying. I would like you fly in all our events next year."

Jeff Anderson. St. Charles XFC Championships Contest Director

"Your flight was amazing. I could watch your performance all day and never get bored."

Dave Elsing. Fondulac Airshow Director

Your noontime demonstration was the most amazing flying that I have ever seen. The crowd wanted you keep flying all day.

Bob Weller. Wausau Airshow Event Coordinator



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