Notice to Solo Course attendees

Primary Trainer Airplane Setup & Checkout Policy

Declining understanding of the fundamental setup principles that are essential to achieving a good flying airplane in favor of emphasizing mainly programming to solve deficiencies and improve performance has made the setup process exponentially more complex and subject to error.

When the fundamental principles of control surface setup, C.G., and engine thrust where handed down and commonly understood by the majority of R/C flyers and manufacturers, a typical inspection and test flight consisted mainly of fine tuning the last few percent of the setup. But, in recent years the process of professionally checking out airplanes brought to the flight school has become exponentially more detailed and time consuming. The increased time and expertise required to set up and adjust the planes brought to the school has made it necessary to begin charging for that service. You are welcome to bring your own plane and have it professionally inspected, test flown, and trimmed by the instructor for a fee of $35.

The checkout includes the fundamental setup principles featured in 1st U.S. R/C Flight School’s Airplane & Radio Setup manual. NOTICE: Dave will be happy to waive part of the checkout fee when pilots apply the fundamental setup principles to their airplane beforehand (sample), including fully breaking in the engine before bringing an airplane to the field to be checked out.

Aerobatic Airplane Setup & Checkout Policy


David Scott brings decades of aerodynamic study, 40 years of R/C flying experience, the practical application of designing nearly 50 planes, and his experience of setting up and test flying over 1000 airplanes at the school to each plane that he inspects.



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