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Outline of Instruction
About the Manual - Training Notes

Advanced Visualization

Advanced Airplane Guidelines
Tapered Wing Tip Stall
Wing Incidence Pitch Stability
Balancing for Neutral Stability
Propwash, P-factor, Engine Thrust
Stall Strips Taming the Stall

Initiation to Inverted
Inverted Turn
Outside Loop
Inverted Roll
Outside Immelmann

Knife-edge and Slow Rolls

Knife-edge Warmup
Sustained Knife-edge
Gyroscopic Procession
4-point Roll
Blending 4-point Roll
Slow Roll
Half Roll from Inverted

Inside Snap Rolls and Spins
Inside Snap Roll
Single Snap Avalanche
Double Snap Avalanche
Accelerating Snap Rolls
Opposite Rudder Correction
Upright Spin
2-turn Spin Timing
Upright Flat Spin

Outside Snap Rolls and Spins
Outside Snap Roll
Outside Avalanche
1½ Snap Avalanche
Inverted Spin
Inverted Flat Spin
Cross-over Spins

Hammerhead and Vertical Rolls
Hammerhead Priorities
Trimming the Rudder
Vertical Upline
Hammerhead Pivot
Vertical Downline
Hammerhead Summary
Vertical Roll
Vertical Snap Roll
Vertical Upline After Snap
Roll on Downline
Snap Roll on Downline
Hammerhead into Upright Spin
Hammerhead into Inverted Spin


Humpty Bump and Bridge
Basic Humpty Bumps
P-factor Influence
Balanced Humpty Turnaround
Humpty Bump Wind Corrector
Humpty Wind Corrector Summary
Cross-box Bridge Inverted
Cross-box Bridge Upright

Cross-box Combinations
Performance Zone
Humpty to Hammerhead
Hammerhead to Humpty
Pull Humpty to Push Humpty
Half Square Loop
Upright Spin to Hammerhead
Bridge to Upright Spin
P Loop Turnarounds
P Loop to Humpty Bump

Rolling Turns
Rolling Turns Introduction
Outside Rolling 90 Turn Prep
Rolling 90 Turn Elements
Managing Degree of Turn
Level Rolling Turns
Rolling Circle
Rudder in Rolling Turns

Lomcevak Introduction
Lomcevak Tumble
Knife-edge Spin

Aerobatic Sequence Design
Sequence Practice
Trading Airspeed and Altitude
Matching Speed Requirements
General Sequence Design
Considering Wind
Self Talk
Sequence Flimsy Notes

Training Sequences:

Each includes a slow roll, 4-point roll, single and double avalanche, hammerhead, humpty bump,
P loop, some with upright spins.

Progressive sequences add outside loops, outside snaps, vertical rolls and snap rolls, various roll combinations, rolling turns, some with inverted spins.

Training Sequence 82
Progressive Sequence 83
Training Sequence 84
Progressive Sequence 85
Training Sequence 86
Progressive Sequence 87
Training Sequence 88
Progressive Sequence 89
Training Sequence 90
Progressive Sequence 91

Sequence Texts
Flimsy Blank


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