About the Instructor/Author: Dave Scott grew up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin - home of the Experimental Aircraft Association and the world's largest sport aviation convention and airshow. He began flying R/C at the age of 9 and has accumulated over 12,000 hours of flying experience. He has worked in the development of several full-scale aircraft and has designed nearly 50 radio control planes. Dave is a full-scale commercial pilot and champion full-scale aerobatic competitor and airshow pilot (Scott Airshows). Dave founded 1st U.S. R/C Flight School and has professionally trained more than 1700 R/C pilots during 14,000 hours of instruction. His groundbreaking flight training techniques have resulted in 98% of his primary students achieving solo in less than a week, and more than 80% of the people who take our Solo course returning to take an Aerobatics course the following season. Dave is deeply influenced by his experiences with full-scale and believes that model aircraft should be flown and instructed with the same professionalism and realism. He continues to formally instruct 70+ pilots each summer and develop training materials for all airplane and helicopter skill levels. When he isn't competing, instructing, working as an R/C contract pilot, or writing his latest book or article, Dave thrills crowds with his exciting full-scale and R/C aerobatic demonstrations at full-scale airshows and large R/C events.


1st U.S. R/C Flight School

PHASE 1: The objective of 1st U.S. R/C Flight School is to provide an environment in which to develop, codify, and deliver new standards of systematic radio control flight training programs at all skill levels.

And to be recognized for our flight training accomplishments as the Leader, the Best; and providing a positive opportunity for those committed to learning in the sport.

PHASE 2: Develop unprecedented results-based instructional resources for every pilot, student, and instructor to utilize.


1st U.S. R/C Flight School

We will continue to take responsibility for how well each student performs.

The Flight School will be designed around what works best for the student, combined with an enthusiasm and life-long study of aviation and teaching.

We will accomplish our goals while offering innovative services and resources beneficial to fostering the growth of radio control model aviation, the greatest sport/hobby on earth!



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